Circumcision of edema

Very often, patients on the penis have swelling after circumcision. Puffiness is one of the symptoms after such an operation.

Circumcision, a medical term called circumcision. The essence of the procedure is cutting off the foreskin.

Reasons for circumcision:
  • from the point of view of medicine - it is phimosis, paraphimosis, periodic arising balanoposthitis, liberation, severe pain with erection;
  • for personal hygiene;
  • with a view to socio-religious considerations.

The operation is performed only in medical institutions by experienced specialists. Circumcision is carried out under the influence of local anesthetics, but sometimes a general anesthesia is applied at the request of the patient.

After circumcision, patients should be prepared for such post-operative consequences:

  • edema and hematoma,
  • painful sensations,
  • bleeding.

These unpleasant symptoms should disappear infor 10 days. It is very important to properly care for the wound and follow all the doctor's recommendations to avoid infection. After circumcision the head of the penis becomes more sensitive. The edema disappears after circumcision, and complete healing takes place within three to four months.

To begin to live a sexual life after operation doctors recommend in 3-6 weeks. The first six months after circumcision is better to use a condom.

Some men notice that it resumesedema from circumcision immediately after the end of sexual intercourse. However, doctors say that this phenomenon is normal, since lymph vessels are cut during surgery. But if the edema persists for a long time does not decrease, but only increases - the patient immediately needs to consult his doctor.