Swelling of the hair

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Hair swelled. "My nails are swollen." He rubbed the corns on his teeth. Hair swelled. See HEALTH HID ... VI. Dahl. Proverbs of the Russian people

Nails swelled. - see Hair swollen ... Dahl. Proverbs of the Russian people

My nails swelled, my teeth ached and my mole ate - Nails swollen, on the teeth of corns and haira mole of an iron (iron) about people who falsely claim that they have lost their health to the services and those who seek rewards. Cf. Shemyak after the hard work and hassle, on the services incurred, that created his health ... Mikhelson's large explanatory-phraseological dictionary (original spelling)

nails swelled, the corns of the callus sat down and the hair moth ate - (ironic.) about people who falsely claim that they have lost their health in the service, and those who seek rewards Wed. Shemyaka after hard work and hassle, in the service incurred, upset his health, so that he really and already nails swollen, on the teeth of calluses ... ... Mikhelson's great explanatory-phrase book

HEALTH IS THE HEAVEN - Blood with milk. Nearly burst. Do not ask health, but look into your face. Judge not by age, but by the ribs (in the teeth). He's as healthy as an ox, like a boar. He is strong as a forester. Healthy, like an ox, and I do not know what to do. The knot in the fist squeezes, so the water will go. I'll squeeze in ... VI. Dahl. Proverbs of the Russian people

HAIR - in the hair. It's simple. About complete similarity, coincidence, conformity. FSSRY, 76; Mokienko 1986, 100; Podyukov 1989, 29. Hair is long, but the mind is short. Narodn. Iron. or Neodobr. On the mental abilities of women. Beetle. 1991, 329; SBG 3, 44. Hair to the feet, and the mind ... ... A large dictionary of Russian sayings

SWELL - SPRAY, swell, swell, swell,swell, rinse, but not a bubble, but a solid layer; more about the body. Leg, arm, cheek swollen. The board swelled and swelled. Silt mud and mud in the spring swells in places, it puchit, diffuses. Is ill: ... ... Explanatory dictionary of Dahl

Sent to treat for warm water - They sent me to be treated for warm water (inos.) about fallen into disgrace. Cf. All the institutions and their decisions are recognized, and even they (the grandees) are insolvent, and they are exiled to the warm waters to heal. Dahl. A Tale of Ivan, a Young Sgt. Wed ... ... Mikhelson's big explanatory-phraseological dictionary (original spelling)

MOLE - wives. aphids (from small) a tiny twilight (butterfly), metlichka; Its caterpillar, which sharpens fur and woolen clothes, Tinca. There is a moth fur coat, clothes, cheese, bread, vegetable. Moth disappears from hops, camphor. | | Vegetable moth, aphids, moth, ... ... Explanatory dictionary of Dahl