With swelling in the hospital

Famous Russian musician Garik Sukachev wasurgently hospitalized in a hospital not with alcohol poisoning, as previously reported, but because of cerebral edema. What caused the sharp deterioration in Sukachev's health is still unknown, since neither the performer nor his representatives comment on the information about his recent hospitalization in Moscow.

The only thing that can be stated withconfidence, this is that at this point in time Garik Sukachev is conscious. He was transferred to an ordinary ward from intensive care. His life is not in danger. Initially, the singer was taken to one of the capital's psychosomatic clinics.

However, fans are making assumptions,that Sukachev touched with liquor. After all, doctors have repeatedly warned him about the harmfulness of excessive drinking. With similar problems the performer has already turned to the doctors for help.

Garik Sukachev performs on the Russian stage with1997, when his first rock band Sunset Sun manually appeared. Since 1986, together with Sergei Galanin, he created the creative team "Brigade C", which has produced eight albums during its existence. However, in 1994 the group disbanded, after which Sukachev initiated the creation of the group "Untouchables". Since 1991, the musician has a strong career.

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