Wrist edema and sore

The pain in the wrist not only delivers a lotsad feelings, but also completely deprives work. The site connecting the bones of the forearm with a brush is the most mobile and especially vulnerable. Despite its small size, the wrist consists of eight bones, which are comfortably arranged in two rows. Any violation of its functionality, ignored by the owner, really threatens in the future with complete immobilization of joints and loss of efficiency. Therefore, if the wrist is hurting, it is necessary to find out the reasons immediately.

The wrist hurts - the reasons

All kinds of pathologies of muscles and joints, tendonsand bone tissue, trauma - the reasons for the occurrence of unpleasant sensations set. When the wrist hurts, the causes can be ascertained by the symptoms. The main ailments that lead to the appearance of painful symptoms:

1. The carpal tunnel syndrome

This disease is also called the syndromecarpal tunnel. Especially often the disease occurs in the right hand, because it is the result of a long and hard work at the computer, many hours of knitting or embroidering, a long time driving a car. In the carpal tunnel, which connects the forearm with the wrist, in the close neighborhood are the tendons and the median nerve. They are extremely limited in space, so the slightest inflammation and swelling of the tendons from prolonged activity lead to squeezing and infringement of the nerve. The result is severe pain and limited movement, discomfort, numbness of the hands and a weakening of the palms. Carpal symptom often occurs in pregnant women - for the reasons already mentioned, you can add weight gain and the presence of edema in expectant mothers.

The wrist hurts - the reasons, it is quite possible,lie in a disease called peritendinitis. Most often it affects the tendon of the wrist extensor. A sharp palpable pain and possible swelling along the tendon, an increase in the pain syndrome with pressure and a barely perceptible creaking during active movement are the main signs of the ailment.

When falling on the arm or a strong blow to the wristits fracture is possible. It can be accompanied by both extreme pain and quite tolerable. In the place of damage, swelling is observed, the movement of the brush is limited. In severe cases, deformation of the joint and its mobility is possible. The most susceptible to this type of injury are the semilunar and navicular bones, the diagnosis is confirmed by an x-ray method. When the wrist hurts, the causes can also be covered in stretching, rupturing or stretching the ligaments. Trauma can happen because of a sharp and strong pulling the hand back, and the symptoms are similar to the consequences of a fracture - swelling, pain, swelling, restriction of mobility. The lack of medical care in case of a wrist injury threatens to lose mobility - partial or complete.

4. Osteoarthritis of the wrist joint

The disease is also called hypertrophicosteoarthritis. It can be an unpleasant result of a not merged fracture of the scaphoid bone and is manifested by a significant restriction of mobility, painful sensations in tension and an acute reaction to pressure in the area of ​​the wrist joint. Other factors leading to the onset of the disease are premature wear of the cartilaginous tissue, inflammatory processes, constant and excessive stress on the joint.

The wrist hurts - the reasons with a huge shareProbabilities can also lie in the inflammation of the joints. Only occasionally, rheumatoid arthritis can begin to acutely, its favorite method is an underhanded attack, confidently and rapidly conquering all new territories. A distinctive feature of the disease is the symmetry of the lesion. Begins the ailment from the small joints of the fingers and toes, extending to the wrist, feet, elbow and shoulder joints. They quickly lose mobility, increase in size and hurt. Swiftly deforming, the joints make the flexion-extension process almost impossible, and the swelling of the wrists leads to the squeezing of the tendons. The disease develops very quickly and leads to many pathologies.

6. Necrosis of the bones of the wrist

The disease manifests itself by softening the bone tissue andgradual deformation. It affects young people, more often male. At first the soreness is moderate, increasing with loads. The acute stage occurs after injury and disturbs one to two weeks. After a fairly long period of remission, the disease attacks with renewed vigor. Aggravation can last for years, disturbing with constant pains, and invariably leads to osteoarthritis of the wrist joint.

In case the wrist hurts, the reasons may be different. Among them is worth noting:

- tumors of the upper extremities;

To establish the true reason that the wrist is hurting, only the doctor can. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to risk and delay the visit, the sooner the diagnosis is established - the more chances for successful recovery.

The wrist hurts - diagnostics

It is necessary to accelerate a doctor's visit in the following cases:

- the pain can not be eliminated within two days;

- except for soreness there is edema, the form of the limb is changed, the joint is inactive;

- pain in the wrist increases after the load, individual parts of the hand are not sensitive.

Attention! Pain in the wrist combined with shortness of breath and painful manifestations in the sternum requires immediate specialist help! Call an ambulance!

The wrist hurts - diagnostics in overwhelmingmost cases require an x-ray study. In addition, the doctor will conduct a visual examination to establish the location of the pain, ask about the symptoms and check for crepitation. The ultrasound method of investigation is used, magnetic resonance imaging is appointed if necessary. Only after this, if the wrist is hurt, the diagnosis will be completed. This problem is fully capable of becoming global, therefore, the treatment prescribed by the doctor must be carried out unconditionally and for a set period of time. Unless, of course, you want to lose the mobility of your faithful helpers.

The wrist hurts - treatment

Doctors who help get rid ofThe existing problem is a traumatologist, neurologist or rheumatologist. If you are not sure who to choose as your assistant in the fight against the disease, visit the therapist. First of all, the treatment should be aimed at eliminating the pain symptom. If the trouble has arisen in connection with the trauma, most likely, with the proper implementation of the prescriptions of the doctor, the pain will be able to get rid of relatively quickly. Fixing a sick limb, prescribing analgesics and successful rehabilitation will do their job. The last point is extremely important, especially if the profession is associated with fine motor skills. Inadequate hand development can lead to limited functionality, so it is important to be under the constant supervision of a doctor and scrupulously perform the necessary actions.

If the wrist hurts - treatment usually involves several approaches:

- Steroid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reliably relieve pain and inflammation;

- A langauge or a tire helps to protect a sick wrist from unnecessary movements, keep the joint in rest;

- modern preparations for strengthening cartilage are not superfluous at some diseases;

- when the wrist aches is not so acute - the treatment may include special gymnastic exercises and physiotherapy procedures;

- In the presence of brucellosis or gonorrhea, the course of treatment of the underlying ailment is carried out;

- If the measures taken are ineffective and evidence is available, surgical intervention is recommended.

With some diseases, very successfullycombination of doctor-appointed treatment with traditional medicine. However, remember - self-treatment is extremely dangerous, without the advice of a doctor, it is not worthwhile to put experiments on one's own health.

The wrist hurts - treatment by folk remedies

1. Ginger compresses superbly eliminates toxins and speeds up the healing process. Granulate the root pour boiling water, boil a little and insist. In a cooled solution, wet the cloth, best of all, with a wound, wrap the patient wrist and hold for 15-20 minutes. You can repeat the procedure every hour.

2. Burdock leaves are used to wrap a sore spot overnight. Even more effective - grind them, hold in a glass jar in the sun for several days and apply a moldy mush. The pain disappears after the first application.

3. They say that if you drive an ebonite stick in circular motions 50 times a day around a swollen and deformed wrist, a positive result can be seen in a week.

4. The wrist hurts - treatment with folk remedies suggests carefully mixing 100 grams of camphor oil and the same amount of dry mustard. Add the whipped whites of two eggs. Rub a sore wrist or do a compress at night.

5. Pollitra pinched in a Kalanchoe meat grinder pour a liter of vodka and insist for five days. The resulting mixture rub the sore spot overnight.

6. From kefir and chopped chalk make a thick mixture. Put it on a plastic wrap, attach to the patient's wrist, from the top tie a woolen scarf.

When the wrist hurts - treatment folkmeans can reduce pain, swelling and other external manifestations. Do not neglect the advice of grandmothers, in combination with drug treatment the effect can please.

The wrist hurts - prevention

- With monotonous work, take breaks with exercises for hands and a light massage;

- Protect handles from injury and cold;

- When practicing sports, protect your wrists with special means;

- take the object with the whole brush, do not use only the fingers;

- a healthy diet and a sufficient number of vitamins - an excellent prevention of exacerbations.

The wrist hurts - prevention will help to avoid even greater troubles, and early therapy of the underlying ailment will prevent the appearance of unwanted complications.