Othelo under the chin

Ugly Elza The pupil (100), on a vote 6 years ago

2 days ago, I felt discomfort in the area"the second chin," groped, clearly in the center (under the front teeth) - swollen lymph node. On the second day the nodule descended, and the tumor on the chin remained. At night, the temperature rose to 40. Now the temperature is +/- 37.5. Someone had something like that. Even strong spasms in the region of the waist, coccyx, as if pinching the sciatic nerve. What to expect. Thank you.

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Maria Shestakova Master (1683) 6 years ago

lymphouel is sometimes not at all, in two days it just can not pass.

Igor Dorofeev Master (2100) 6 years ago

Possible inflammation of submandibular salivaryThe gland, if not addressed to a doctor, can be purulent leakage in nearby tissues and organs. There could be an inflammation of the sebaceous gland with subsequent complications. In any case, you need to see a doctor, such a high temperature can lead to serious complications in the body. On the account of a loin I can not advise anything.

nataliya zakurdaeva Pupil (216) 6 years ago

Somewhere good proskvozilo. It is necessary to dress for the warmth, now the most insidious weather. Warm tea with lemon (without sugar), mashed berries of red, black currants (a little sugar) on a teaspoon of l every 30 minutes quickly put on their feet.

Clementine Shchedrin Master (1091) 6 years ago

You are trying to link together two diseases, this isnot true. Possible inflammation of the salivary glands, a viral infection, lymphadenitis, etc. Other radiculopathy, sciatica, disc herniation, etc. Go to the doctor to have a check-up.