The upper eyelid has strongly swollen

Avdotya Mikulishna Guru (4105), is closed 4 years ago

completely incomprehensible from what. yesterday just noticed that on top of the inner corner of the eye some kind of small puffiness, and over night the upper eyelid was so swollen that now the eye is half-closed. It does not hurt, only at touching unpleasant sensations and when I try to look upward, and slightly at blinking. On barley does not seem at all, I had barley, it was completely different. What is it and what to treat?

Beady bead Master (1814) 4 years ago

Eyelids, as is known, often swell withcommon common diseases, for example, so-called. renal edema. Tissue swelling can occur for many reasons, but the simultaneous redness of the swollen organ indicates its inflammation. The direct cause of such inflammation can be haljazion, chronic blepharitis, inflamed cyst, bulk diseases of the bone cavity where the eye is located - orbit, inflammation of the veins of the orbit or local lymph nodes.

Consult a doctor, generally drip to the albucid in such cases

mrs dina Enlightened (39213) 4 years ago

add a cold teaspoon or a bag of spiked black tea.

Avdotya Mikulishna Guru (4105) 4 years ago

mrs dina Enlightened (39213) is sure that it will help

mrs dina Enlightened (39213) 4 years ago

You can still wash the eye with a solution of furacilin.