Stroke with cerebral edema

    Guest_Elena 11/5/2010 - 16:46</ li>
Hello! The situation is as follows: my father-in-law is 66 years old, had an accident in his youth (crashed on a motorcycle), plus a trauma later with a loss of the eye. Pathologically afraid of doctors. The last 10 years - very high blood pressure and constant headaches. To the doctors did not apply - it was impossible to force. Drank the drug to reduce pressure, and from pain - baralgin packs. Two weeks ago I suddenly fell into a swoon - I regained consciousness after 5 minutes - speech - like porridge in my mouth, narrowing of vision, dizziness, pallor and very low pressure for him. He called off the ambulance, they say, from the heat. Silk was taken to the therapist - she suspected a brain tumor and a microstroke - wrote a refusal from hospitalization. 3 days ago in the evening I fainted again - my eye rolled up. the left arm twitched, as in epilepsy - they called an ambulance. Again, pallor, low blood pressure. Refused to go to the hospital. They persuaded everyone to be hospitalized for a day: went yesterday. Preliminary diagnosis - ischemic stroke, cerebral edema. a brain tumor. In the hospital, he became very ill: an extinct look, bears nonsense of something: that everyone wants to poison him, kill him, all the bastards, and so on - the crazy delirium is shorter. He was assigned a computer tomography (will do tomorrow) brain swelling was confirmed - they took a puncture of the spinal cord. This morning he SAVED FROM HOSPITAL !!!!! called, said that he was going home - went looking - found, brought to the ward, the doctor made a sedative injection - he is sleeping now, did rengen - for some reason they do not speak. such a feeling - can not stop the process of cell death, although when my mother-in-law asked her in the forehead: "He dies?" They answered: no, well, you! And no one makes a prediction about what awaits us: fast death, recovery or crazyness of a father-in-law? I do not even know what to do.

According to your description, it really looks like a brain tumor.
It's too early to talk about the prognosis: it all depends on the tumor spreader. localization, degree of edema and inflammation.
In most cases, after removal of the tumorthis or that motor defect arises; the intellect, if it suffers, is to a lesser extent than the motor functions; although, this is only general statistics. in a particular case it can be different.