Sinusitis with swelling

Question: Hello, Sergey Vadimovich! Please help my son, he has a complication after SARS: he had purulent sinusitis, bilateral frontitis, bronchitis, fever, headaches.
Lying in the hospital: course of antibiotics (10 days), washing, physiotherapy. After discharge from the hospital, there is no complete cure. There is no fever and headache, but there is a constant strong puffiness of the nose, a thick mucus of yellow color, slightly exhaled face. Mucus departs only after the use of vasoconstrictive drugs. We constantly remove mucus, but we often use vasoconstrictors.
Thanks for the answer.
Oksana, mother.

September 4, 2014, 02:18

Answer: Hello, Oksana Viktorovna! For treatment, you can give your son homeopathic medicines - Arsenicum iodate 6c - 5 granules out of the food every morning, day and night, and - Pulsatilla 6c (Latin Pulsatilla, Pulsatilla nigricans, Pulsatilla pratensis) - 5 granules per night, until recovery.

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