Allergic reaction with swelling

Allergic reaction with pancreatic edema

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Help. A daughter of 5 months, completely on IV, after in 4 months she introduced lure in the form of mashed potatoes (vegetable: zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, fruit: apple, pear) the reaction to the cold began. Became swollen eyes, there was difficulty breathing. At the moment, we do not go to the street, we have been sitting at home for a month, but swelling continues. Were at the allergist, has told or said, what is it a cross allergy, at me an allergy on a cold (a dermatitis), at the grandmother an allergy on pollen of cereals. She said to exclude apples, pears, peaches, apricots until a year. But, we do not eat anything and do not go out into the street, the child continues to swell. Eat Nutrilon milk and sour-milk mixture. Tell me what to do? Maybe you should change the mixture, for example on a french or similak? Also, it was recommended to feed the baby for a month with Nutrilon Pepti Allergy mixture, and then transfer to Nutrilon GA. At the forums I read that with an allergic reaction it is necessary to treat the intestine, is it so? Please help, I'm afraid that the child will suffocate at night, and I will not have time to wake up. Thankful for any answer

To begin with to survey the child and to keep not far from the allergist

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Prompt, what should be inspection? What tests should I take? I'm kicked from one doctor to another with the words "this is your child, you must know what it's allergic to."

To begin with, the blood test is clinical withexpanded formula and counting basophils. The analysis of urine is general, caloric examination, ultrasound of the organs of the hepatobiliary system and the results of the look. Now a strict diet and monitor overheating and pereohldozhdeniyu

If in your city there is a doctor-homeopathist - I advise you to apply after the examination. More information about homeopathy