The more I drink the more water I swell

December 26, 2012 14:07

Girls, so as not to swell, drink plenty of water! Do not limit yourself!

I go with a third and finally learned not toswell. Edema is due to lack of water in the body, the effect of the camel, due to the fact that little water comes, the body starts to accumulate it. And you should drink only water! 2-2.5 liters per day! I began to swell by 30 weeks, I did not go to the toilet at all, the doctor told me to drink only a liter (!) Of liquid per day, including soups fruits and stuff, I tried the skates for 3 days and did not move away from dehydration; slightly dripped urine brown! Lips all cracked! Edema grew! I spat on everything, read articles good in the internet, ruled out tea, milk, mors and other drinks completely, switched exclusively to water, because everything else is not water, but food! I drank 2.5 liters of water a day, if not more, did not limit myself at all, at home the cooler is standing, I at least cleaned water, and basically drank water in the morning, not even a week passed, 4, it is very good to urinate, the urine is of a transparent color, and most importantly, swelling as it has not happened. Even the fingers on my hands stopped swelling! In addition, it began to eat more meat, the main thing is a chicken without skin, it has the most protein! And the foal froze in the form of stroganina! Plus I eat frozen cowberry with sugar! I'm saturated with oxygen, plus salvage from anemia, plus protein and vitamins strengthen the blood vessels! So drink water and you will not have swelling.

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completely agree with you :)

To me the therapist too has told or said to drink exclusively 2liter per day, including soups, tea, etc. Held for some like 2 days: (and vice versa, my fingers were terribly swollen, I did not even wear the wedding band: (then I spat and began to drink a lot, it was water and I was well :))) so it absolutely agrees with the author!
although it may depend on the physiology, to whom it may not help.