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Author: tanya_j Status: Veteran Time: 09:24 Date: Jun 29, 2005

Dying will not die, but a high probabilitythat the body will take revenge on you - in most cases after sitting on hungry diets, the body takes its own and people attack the FAT, make up all the uneaten calories, plus more, because the body is frightened that he again has to starve will stock up on the future and metabolism will slow down, and often such a diet ends in a set of even larger kilograms. It's just a protective reaction of the body. They would do it once a week, there would be more benefit.

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Author: FreshMaker Status: User Time: 11:45 Date: Jun 29, 2005

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Author: Elena @ Status: User Time: 11:57 Date: Jun 29, 2005

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Author: Emerald Water Status: Experienced user Time: 15:36 Date: Jun 29, 2005

You know, I read a lot of your replicas in different forums.
Sharp you some, it's bad. Dissatisfied.

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Author: Elena @ Status: User Time: 16:07 Date: Jun 29, 2005

do not read the Soviet newspapers and Freud before dinner.
there are all the crooks. -)
better - all in the gym.
here the forum is about it is not it.
I hope, you understood me.

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Author: Emerald Water Status: Experienced user Time: 15:34 Date: Jun 29, 2005

Her. I can not get fat :-) My husband is an athlete, he will drive me out of the house. He is looking askance now.
And I decided to slow down 20 kg, so as to become a wedding :-)
If I decided - I will :-)

There is still no desire. But there are moments of weakness, so many delicious things in the fridge and kotuvat family should :-(
In moments of weakness, gnawing a tomato, I love them.

There is no scales at home, but today's pants were clearly more relaxed! Tomorrow I'll go with the child to the pool, and I will weigh myself there.

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