Swelling before menstruation what to do

I think that I have a kidney too. And "Gortex is what?"

"Gortex" is a natural hydrangea root extract withancient times is widely used in Chinese medicine. It normalizes water-salt metabolism, has a mild laxative and diuretic effect, which helps to cleanse the internal environment of the body and prevent stone formation in the organs of urination and the gallbladder.

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There is also a new even more effective, but also more expensive thing:
"Element 9. The formula H". There are no analogues yet in any company in the world.
Composition of 1 capsule:
dry colostrum with 30% immunoglobulin G (75 mg),
berries of a juniper (100 mg),
root hydrangeas (100 mg),
bearberry (50 mg),
Melissa officinalis (65 mg),
corn stigmas (50 mg),
potassium proteinate (35 mg),
rice flour (45 mg),
magnesium stearate (5 mg).

Act: improves the functional state of the kidneys and urinary system.
1. Prevention and adjuvant therapy of inflammatory kidney and urinary system diseases, disorders of uric acid metabolism (gout), propensity to form crystals, and stones;
2. Inclusion in treatment regimens for edema and obesity.

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I do not know why, it can be so nature laid, butalways after a dream my eyes swell: there are bags under and above them! My cheeks are swollen, but they are already plump in my legacy! And what's the worst (except for the eyes) The nose swells! He becomes sick and hard to touch, although after a while it passes. Have you ever had this? With what it is connected.

My face swells up from the heat. And now - during the included heating - in general I often swell. Already the battery covered with a blanket and the liquid I try to drink less than usual and nothing. will have to go to the doctor. I so love our doctors. uh!

I advise you to check the kidneys. And try not to drink anything an hour before sleep.

sleep in a cool room, air beforesleep, try not to drink a couple of hours before bedtime, in the morning, contrast washing (cold, hot water), do an exercise (lymphodrenage) to rise and fall on your toes 3 to 30 times, and then, as it were, knocking on the floor and "bicycle". The very same problem, therefore, as they say-on their own experience.