Swelling with breastfeeding

Our mothers have repeatedly asked us: "What to Eat When Breastfeeding ", Which indicates the relevance of the issue. Yes it's not surprising, not everyone has the opportunity to attend specialized courses, where everyone will tell in detail, and use the advice of friends, too, is not always possible, if only because the opinions vary greatly. We listen to the opinions of specialists.

Doctors say with confidence that the conditionthe gastrointestinal tract and the skin of the newborn directly depends on what the mother eats when breastfeeding. For example, a broccoli you eat or a glass of drunk milk can cause colic in a child. Chocolate or honey cause skin rashes, fresh fruits cause diarrhea.

To avoid such trouble, Momshould clearly know what to eat while breastfeeding, and what is better to give up. And to observe a similar diet will have about three months, until the baby's body will not grow stronger. After the specified period you can start to expand your diet, but very much without fanaticism, gradually.

Well, while this time has not come, let'sDetermine what to eat when breastfeeding. Your menu should consist of simple dishes: low-fat soups, meat and fish, boiled or steamed. porridge, hard cheese, any sour-milk products, but without the addition of fruit. Cottage cheese should be eaten, but preferably in the form of casseroles or dumplings.

Separately, we should dwell on fresh fruits. Despite the fact that everyone is trying to feed you with "vitamins", it is better to give them up temporarily. Now salads from boiled vegetables and fruit compotes are more appropriate. You will get enough vitamins, and the child will be much better.

It happens that even after observing allrecommendations, the child still suffers from colic, and you no longer know how to alleviate his suffering. First, be patient, you will need it. And secondly, take another look at your menu. It is possible that you have missed something and eat foods that are not recommended for breastfeeding.

Maybe it contains cabbage, white bread,buns and pasta. If so, they should be discarded. If you constantly fight with rashes, limit the use of potential allergens: honey, citrus, chocolate, milk, eggs.

At this stage, many moms begin to panic. It is not necessary, in most cases, such problems are temporary. Soon the child will become more mature, his body will get stronger, and you can eat everything, without restrictions. In the meantime, bear with me a little.

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