Swelling on a diet

Constantly swelling limbs - arms and legs. This lasts for about 2 weeks. To sleep, especially in the morning it is difficult, because the hands are numb (one hand will turn on one side, the other one will begin to flow, on the other one), and the feet are too numb - recently sat on the toilet (sorry for the details) got up and slightly fell back because instead of legs on the sensations I had two inflexible sticks of sausage teeming with worms, which want to get out, in general horror what feelings were. I tried to look in the internet so there you can find dozens of diseases in this regard so if this is important, then I was diagnosed with scoliosis three times, but it did not appear on the x-ray and recently started practicing sports (weights, squats, push-ups) a few weeks ago than quite a lot, can this be the reason?
I understand probably now there will be advice "address to the doctor", but as to what doctor to me even it to learn or find out and prospective diseases or there can be it simply because of sharply risen loads?
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Try to replace the strength exercises by stretching the muscles

It is possible that you have heart problems, veins, or spine (not necessarily scoliosis, somewhere the vertebra could have moved away). Do not pull with a hike to the doctor.
Now it's summer, it's hot - the load on the internal organs rises. Try to reduce the number of exercises, since the body is so resistant.

So the legs and arms become drowsy (numb) or swell (swell)?
I think that you have a problem with the vascular system.
Obliterating Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the extremities is one of the forms of this disease, in which both upper and lower extremities are affected.
Unfortunately, you need to conduct a serious examination, otherwise get a chronic form at an early age.

Drink plenty of liquids, take lots of salty foods.
Sit on a diet without meat, spices, lots of salt

The condition will improve if you sleep less, because the main sensations are manifested in the morning. This moment is the most important in this issue. Better get up early (!) In the morning.
Night feeling is better to interrupt immediately - got upand was like. For an hour and a half before sleep, it is desirable to relax (and not even watch TV), you can mentally schedule a task the next morning, but this "task" will have to be solved in the morning.