What to do with edema of the eyelid

The swelling of the eyelids is one of the most commonproblems of modern women. It is formed due to excess fluid in the body. The skin of the eyelids is very thin and tender and therefore the edema in these places is very good.

If the eyelids are swollen, a few simple tips will help:

  • try not to drink at night. If you really want, then half a cup of liquid is enough.
  • to withdraw water from the body will help decoction of rose hips (2 tablespoons in 200 ml of water, boil for 10 minutes). You should drink this compote on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • good diuretics help simple diuretic herbs or kidney fees.
  • one of the most common express agentsto quickly get rid of edema around the eyes - tea leaves. Pour a bag of cooled tea leaves on the eyelid for 10 minutes. During this time, edema will decrease significantly.
  • do morning exercise, physical exercises will help to remove excess water from the body through sweat.