Black tea with edema

Knowing that in the near future it will becomemother, a woman understands: the way of life, eating habits and attitudes to one's own health will now have to be reconsidered. After all, how the future mother eats at this stage and how she feels herself, the future safety of the baby's development and its successful birth largely depends. Therefore, a woman more responsibly begins to treat the issue of choosing food. "Sifting" unnecessary and even often harmful to the normal formation and development of the baby. Sooner or later the woman will get to the question of how justified will be the use of green tea in the period of waiting for the replenishment in the family. Especially because now many of the women, knowing about its unconditional benefits, the maintenance of a large quantity of microelements and antioxidants in the drink, sensing its magnificent tonic and invigorating effect, prefer not black, but just green tea.

Is it possible to drink green tea during pregnancy?

Green tea, indeed, has allthe above properties - a special method of processing it allows you to save in the drink a maximum of useful substances. And, nevertheless, green tea at pregnancy though it is resolved to the use, nevertheless should woman "to be limited". First of all, in connection with the presence in the drink of caffeine - a potent stimulant. Caffeine in large quantities adversely affects the condition of the mother, in particular, leads to an increase in blood pressure, rapid heartbeat. The most dangerous in this regard are the end of the first and second trimester. But the worst thing is that caffeine can also affect the development of the baby, slowing the process of its formation and increasing the risk of developing a premature baby. Although caffeine in green tea and not so much, as, for example, in coffee. However, even in relatively small quantities, it must still be taken into account.

It is believed that during pregnancy, a maximum ofcaffeine, which will be for the future mother, and for the baby is safe, is 200 ml. This is about 3-4 cups of tea a day, but it should be borne in mind that a woman receives caffeine from different sources (chocolate, cocoa, cola, soft drinks). And this means that green tea during pregnancy if consumed, then taking into account the "additional" sources of caffeine. The recommended dose of green tea, given the presence of caffeine in it, is no more than 1-2 glasses per day: they do not have to bring harm, but the woman will provide useful substances.

Another argument in favor of a limitedthe use of green tea in bearing a baby is evidence of one of the scientific studies that proves the ability of the drink to reduce the effect of folic acid (and, accordingly, preparations based on it). It is known that folic acid is a substance that must be consumed in the first stages of pregnancy - it helps the baby to develop harmoniously. If the action of folic acid is suppressed, it threatens to deviate in the development of the fetus of the neural tube. Thus, the chances of having a child with congenital spinal cord defects increase, say the Spanish scientists who conducted the study. At the same time, many specialists disagree with this, calling the results of the study unsubstantiated, and the study itself is incomplete.

But the fact that green tea has many useful properties has long been a secret.

What is useful for green tea in pregnancy?

It has long been proven that greentea is the most valuable source of antioxidants, preventing cell destruction and strengthening health. Contains green tea in large quantities, useful trace elements, for example, magnesium, zinc, calcium. iron. In general, green tea significantly improves the body's work: strengthens the immune system, maintains blood sugar and cholesterol, improves heart function and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. In addition, green tea also positively affects the condition of the teeth, and is useful for bones. Due to its peculiarities, green tea during pregnancy often helps to cope with toxicosis. becomes a means of preventing diabetes of pregnant women. Of course, if used in the permitted quantities - still do not abuse the drink. In general, one must always remember that it is good only that in moderation; the same applies to green tea. It is most useful (and just delicious) to drink green tea during pregnancy with the addition of honey, with lemon. In this case, it should be borne in mind that green tea, like other beverage varieties, often has a negative effect on the assimilation of iron from products. In this regard, it is not recommended to drink tea directly after eating, and, especially, at the time of eating.

Especially - Tatiana Argamakova