Diet with kidney edema

Edema, arising from a background of kidney disease,called hydramic. In this case, the body swells completely. It becomes noticeable swelling around the eyes, which appears in the morning and gradually falls to the evening.

First he drew attention to the peculiarities of nutritionwith renal diseases, the German physician F. Folgard in the early twentieth century. He suggested using the unloading regime, where no food or drink can be consumed within 2-3 days. This causes a significant diuresis and helps to cope with swelling.

In the 40-ies. XX century. U. Kempner proposed a diet based on rice and fruits, in which the consumption of proteins and fats is as limited as possible. The menu for one day consists of compote made from 1.5 kg of fruit, 100 grams of sugar and rice porridge from 50 grams of rice cooked without salt and adding oil.

Now, in addition to the Kempner diet to improve the removal of fluid from the body, unloading carbohydrate days are used with the use of products such as potatoes, watermelons, berries and even sugar.

When appointing a diet to improve kidney functionnot only the presence of edema, but the level of arterial pressure and the ability of this organ to derive protein exchange products are taken into account. If a lot of proteins are extracted with urine, then you need to increase their number in the diet and vice versa.

On a diet with kidney diseases, fooddivided into 4-5 receptions per day. The amount of liquid consumed is limited to 1.5 liters per day. From the diet, fatty meat, meat semi-finished products, smoked products, beans, spices, coffee, chocolate and cocoa are excluded. White and gray bread, vegetable soups, cereals, pasta, non-fat fish, meat and poultry, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are allowed.

In the case of extensive swelling it is necessary to reduceuse in the diet of table salt or even completely abandon it, since sodium salts have the property to retain liquid in the human body. When using diuretics to restore the water balance in the body, it is worth supplementing the diet with foods high in potassium (bananas, prunes, baked potatoes).

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