Cucumbers with edema

Cucumber - the fourth most on the listcultivated vegetables. Very rarely it causes allergic reactions, is rich in vitamins and trace elements, therefore its nutritional value is higher than the disadvantages. However, how do pregnancy and cucumber combine? And what you need to know about pickled cucumbers, the craving for which is considered a sign of pregnancy? Let's figure it out.

Benefits of fresh cucumbers for pregnant women

Cucumbers - low-calorie vegetable, in 100 gramswhich contains from 14 to a maximum of 20 kilocalories (depending on the variety). Therefore, they can be included in the daily menu without worrying about adding weight. Cucumbers have a characteristic high water content (about 95%), which saves pregnant women from dehydration.

Cucumber skin is a wonderful source of fiber, which facilitates constipation and hemorrhoids (they are very characteristic of pregnant women).

These vegetables contain a lot of potassium - an important intracellular electrolyte, which is responsible for balancing the arterial pressure of the female body.

What else is rich in the composition of cucumbers? Cucumbers contain many substances with strong antioxidant properties. Among them, beta-carotene, vitamins C, A, lutein and zeaxanthin. These elements increase the immunity of expectant mothers and help fight infections, colds.

With cucumber in the body of a pregnant womancomes a large dose of vitamin K, which ensures the strength of her teeth and bones. And in the cucumber contains vitamins B: B9 (folic acid, so necessary for a woman to prevent malformations of the fetus), vitamins B1, B2, B3. As for trace elements, in the vegetable there are also zinc, and potassium, and magnesium, and calcium. and iron. The last microelement is the basis of healthy hematopoiesis in the body of a woman, which means the supply of oxygen to the fetus and the prevention of anemia. Other microelements ensure the growth and normal development of the future child.

By the way, the cucumber is a wonderful healer with burns. If you have had such a trauma, then you can avoid the appearance of a blister by applying a fresh cucumber to the wound.

Harm to cucumbers in pregnancy

Love for cucumbers during the bearing of a childmay have some negative consequences. So, most often there is a congestion of intestinal gases, an upset of the gastrointestinal tract, belching in pregnant women. It is very rare, but itching can occur as a manifestation of allergies to cucumbers, which were grown with the introduction of a large number of chemical fertilizers. We are talking about greenhouse cucumbers, which are on sale in the winter. At home cucumbers grown in the garden, in the open ground, allergies are not observed. And if you notice such signs after eating cucumbers on the skin, then with the next crispy vegetable you need to "say goodbye".

In addition, cucumbers have a pronounced diuretic effect. This means more urination, which is uncomfortable for working pregnant women.

Beware of buying greenhouse cucumbers, as well as vegetables from natural markets. The grown vegetables without chemical fertilizers will become the guarantee of health for the mother and her future child.

By the way, it's better to eat cucumbers in the daytime, because at that time they are better absorbed, and in the evening their diuretic effect can lead to problems with sleeping.

Pickled cucumbers in pregnancy

But what about the women who love salty so much?cucumber in pregnancy? You need to know that eating salted and pickled cucumbers can damage the enamel of your teeth. After all, they contain a lot of acetic acid.

Salted cucumbers increase appetite, and this is fraught witha set of excess weight. In addition, with hypertension, kidney disease and cardiovascular system during pregnancy, the use of salted cucumbers is undesirable.

However, 1-2 cucumbers will not be able to cause harmorganism. As for edemas, they do not give cucumbers. This is the result of poor kidney function. And if they are unwell during pregnancy, it is better not to "tease" them with cucumbers in a salty form. After all, this is a double burden on the kidneys, which will be forced to process salt from cucumbers.

For the first time greenhouses for growing cucumbers were created for the emperor Tiberius, as he was a passionate admirer of these vegetables.

60% of the harvest of cucumbers in the world is grown in China.

In the cities of Nezhin, Shklov and Lukhovitsy there are monuments of cucumbers.

Annually in the summer, on July, 27th, a holiday of a cucumber is spent in Suzdal.

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