Furacilin for edema

One of the unpleasant types of sinusitis is sinusitis,gives a lot of problems and troubles. They treat it often with the help of various antibacterial and antiseptic agents that prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria in the nasal cavity. Furacilin or as it is also called nitrofural treated just such antiseptic drugs.

The action of furacilin is based on its activity against a large number of gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial agents.

Furacilin, getting on the walls of the mucous membrane,interacts with microorganisms that provoke sinusitis and prevents them from multiplying. Thus, reducing the symptomatic manifestations of the disease: pain, the amount of discharge from the nose and edema.

At the same time, when comparing furatsilin with other antimicrobial agents, it turns out that it is much cheaper than its analogues, for example miramistina.

So, for comparison, the price of the Miramistin vial in150 ml fluctuates around 500 rubles, when ten tablets of furatsilina, which is enough for 2.5 liters of solution will cost 50-100 rubles. Perhaps this comparison is not entirely appropriate, but it clearly shows where you can save on treatment without losing quality.

Use furatsilin for the treatment of sinusitis can be a variety of ways:

  • This is primarily the washing of the nose;
  • Also sold furatsilinovaya ointment, it is usually used for burns, but it is good for lubricating nasal passages, for example, before going to the street, so as not to pick up additional bacteria;
  • Some experts recommend usingsolution of furatsilina for inhalation with a nebulizer. But this is a very controversial method. Since the nebulizer splits the particles of the solution to extremely low values. And they, passing the nasal passages, go straight to the lungs. And for the treatment of sinusitis it is absolutely ineffective.

Furacilin - just indispensable in the treatmentsinusitis. Frequent washing of the nose with this solution gives tremendous results. This procedure has long been considered a popular tool. However, at the present time, it is routinely performed in each physiotherapy room.

If there is no time to visit this institution, the nose can be washed at home. Get in the pharmacy furatsilin and follow a simple instruction:

  • In 0.5 liters of warm boiled water, lower 2 milled tablets of furacilin;
  • Make sure that all the grains are dissolved (you can buy a ready-made solution, but it costs almost twice as much);
  • Dial a full syringe solution (syringe - this is a rubber pear with a plastic tip, sold in pharmacies);
  • The head should be tilted over the sink or pelvis so that one nostril is slightly higher than the other;
  • Accurately and slowly infuse the solution into the upper nostril (with the right actions - the solution will flow out of the other);
  • Thoroughly flushing the nasal cavity from the snot, crusts and blood. walk around for a while, tilting your head to the sides, after a while, a solution may leak out, which remains in the sinuses.

Rinse the nose using furatsilin, should be done 3 times a day. In the morning after breakfast, then in the afternoon and last time at night, before going to bed.

To achieve a good result in treatmentgenyantritis, it is recommended to combine the washing of the nose with furicilin with the reception of antibacterial agents, which can be purchased only after consultation with ENT doctor.

Additionally, it is possible to use mucolytic drugs, they will reduce the viscosity of mucus and facilitate its departure from the sinuses. And also anti-inflammatory drugs that will ease the pain syndrome.

Only getting on cleared of mucus and crustssurface, drugs start to give a positive effect. Carrying out the procedure, use only sterile accessories, it can be not only syringing, but also:

  • Syringe;
  • Special teapot;
  • Pharmacy bow shower.

The capacity in which furacilin is dissolved is recommended to be boiled.

Nasal washing in a medical institution

Some patients do not dare to carry out a washing procedure at home. For some it's new and uncomfortable, and someone decides to immediately entrust themselves to the hands of professionals.

In any physiotherapy room, you will be offered a method of washing the nose in the "Proetz", which, because of the characteristic sound pronounced by the patient, is called "cuckoo".

The procedure is absolutely painless and has a good therapeutic effect, which is achieved by washing and sucking mucus with a special device:

  • The patient is placed on a special chair and tilts his head back;
  • Bury the drug to narrow the blood vessels;
  • In one nostril, a special aspirator is injected - suction;
  • An antiseptic solution is supplied to the other nostril, and in 90% of cases it is a solution of furacilin, less often is used dioxygen;
  • A negative pressure is created in the nasal cavity of the patient;
  • The circulation of fluid in the nasal cavity begins;
  • Once the sinuses are filled, the patient says "Ku-Ku", so that the liquid does not get into the mouth or lungs;
  • At the end of the procedure, the nostrils are alternately clamped and, with the help of suction, excess solution is removed along with the purulent contents of the sinuses.
Washing of the nose is not considered a dangerous procedure and has no contraindications. but at home, be extremely careful when conducting it.

Begin treatment at the first alarms, and the disease will quickly recede. Many terrible stories can be heard about sinusitis, but with proper treatment - everything ends well.

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