What diuretics for swelling

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*** It is known that furosemide, like other synthetic diuretics,
Gastrointestinal tract This also applies to potassium preparations that must be taken
during the treatment with edema. Treatment of edema with the help of folk remedies in the home
conditions does not cause side effects and has proved its effectiveness.

*** In any case, edema, ingestion of infusions and decoctions of flax seeds will allow you to
to lead out of the body excess water.

=== When dropsy and leg swelling: 4 teaspoons of flax seeds boil 15 minutes in 1 liter first,
d. Then wrap it with something warm and insist for one hour. You can not
to live, that is, to take a decoction along with the seed. For taste, it is allowed to add li-
Mona. Take in warm form half a glass 6-8 times a day (about every 2-2.5
hours. The course of treatment for edema of the legs 2-3 weeks.

\ During the reception of a diuretic due to a strong exit from the body of the liquid together with
Potassium, which is necessary for normal
Therefore, simultaneously with diuretic decoction, start consuming
products rich in potassium, namely: honey. bee bread (if there is no allergy on them). dried apricots,
beans, beans, avocados. bananas, broccoli, lemons, oranges, tangerines, ka-
linas (on a loose-fitting Kalina brush with a pedicel 3-liter jar -
500g of sugar or honey. In a few days the bank will be full of juice. Drink 1/3 cup
as many times a day as you like).
Health to you.
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A source: Irina Filippova. Flaxseed oil or Golden key to longevity. A. Semenov. Apple cider vinegar. Tested in practice.

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bearberry, eat in the "turboslim" either "day", or "night", in the pharmacy ask

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herbal tea number 26, Dr. Seleznev.

Oksana Expert (437) 5 years ago

In addition to tablets, drink cranberries, but do not get too carried away by this and read the annotations to the tablets.

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field horsetail. brew as a tea.

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for a couple of days to abandon salt and salty foods

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Hot napar roots licorice + vit C + folic acid.

Improves the movement of lymph, removes edema.

Independently raise lymphatic drainage sessions.

A source: MASSAGE. RU. and my edemas.

Alexander The Thinker (7065) 5 years ago

The diuretic is justified, IF you are convinced that:
1. There are no specific diseases.
2. Eat enough water (

30 ml per 1 kg of live weight).

Of personal 15-year practice - the main cause of edema is insufficient fluid intake.

Sveta Mamatova Master (1117) 5 years ago

Watermelon juice instead of water. Watermelon ate, on the contrary, edema.