Aloe for swelling

Swelling of the feet is a fairly common phenomenon,especially in women. But many consider this to be only a cosmetic problem that arises from the consumption of large amounts of liquid. Meanwhile, there are many causes of edema of the legs and not all of them are harmless. The most elementary reasons are fatigue of feet, heat, consequence of a bad habit to throw a foot on a foot, pregnancy.

If the cause of edema is orthopedic, then in this casecase is very important selection of shoes. Do not choose like shoes with high heels, and completely without a heel. It is best if it is comfortable shoes, on a small heel, while it should be wide enough for the toes to be in a natural position.

Recommendations of Hungarian doctors with edema

Gel Aloe Vera (15-20 ml one twice a day for 20 min before meals)

Patients undergoing treatment, before applying Forever Living Products products, are recommended to seek advice from their physician.