Iodine for edema

Alcohol solution of iodine is found in any house. It's just amazing: the vast majority of people use it with the only purpose - disinfection of wounds, but a bubble with iodine hides in almost every home medicine cabinet.

Nevertheless, iodine is very useful and canused in the treatment of a number of diseases, including internally. True, we are talking about the so-called blue iodine - amyloyodine. It helps with iodine deficiency, food and alcohol poisoning, colitis, ulcers, liver and pancreas diseases, diarrhea, increased gas production, sinusitis, rhinitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, toothache, tonsillitis, flu, tonsillitis, alveolitis, sex infections, thrush, tuberculosis , skin diseases, etc.

Iodine can be used in everyday life and medicine quitewide. But today we will talk about such unconventional use of it, as the definition of pregnancy with the help of iodine. This is probably heard by many, and I'm sure there will also be those who have already tried the pregnancy test with iodine in action. Who is this new way - tell!

How do I carry out a pregnancy test with iodine?

To carry out the test with iodine, no special devices will be required. Everything is done very simply and quickly:

  • 1 way. a small scrap of paper should be moistened with freshmorning urine and drop 1-2 drops of alcohol tincture of iodine on it. If he changes the color to violet or lilac, the result should be interpreted as positive, that is, you are pregnant. If the color of iodine remains brown or turns blue, then the test result is negative - there is no pregnancy.
  • 2 way. collect a fresh dose of morning urine for allrules and drop into the container with urine 1-2 drops of iodine. Iodine should be administered carefully, from a short distance from the surface of the test fluid, otherwise iodine can immediately splatter to the sides. So, as close to urine as possible, we drip iodine and observe its reaction: if the drop remains on the surface or at least lingered for a moment, then the pregnancy has come. Negative should be considered the result of the test, in which iodine immediately spreads or dissolves.

The pregnancy test with iodine is carried out only with morning urine and can be considered informative no later than 10 weeks.

Reliability of the pregnancy test with iodine

But we would not recommend you to trust suchnational tests for the determination of pregnancy. They have no scientific basis. Iodine can very often change its color, but pregnancy for these chemical reactions has no effect. Women respond differently about this test. But one thing is that quite often according to the data obtained pregnant women are also their husbands, eloquently says that the test with iodine can not be trusted.

By the way, most often the result of this testproves to be positive: it can unfoundedly reassure the woman who dreams about the child, and unfairly scare the one who is afraid of pregnancy. So be careful with folk tests and take them as entertainment.

Why does iodine change color?

Most likely, you have repeatedly witnessedthe fact that iodine changes color. I mean an alcohol solution of iodine, which we use as an antiseptic. In particular, it reacts instantly to starch (it becomes black, gray or dark blue), and this property is actively used in testing various foods that by definition should not contain similar ingredients in their composition.

In addition, there is a healing blue iodine, owhich we have already mentioned. Blue iodine becomes in the decay, and relative to our body - upon entering into a reaction with enzymes of the endocrine glands. When does iodine change its color to violet?

It is interesting, but few of us remember from the schoolcourse, that iodine in its purest form has a violet color, very dark, almost black. Since the Greek "iodes" and is translated - purple, dark blue. It is a crystal-like substance, which is very difficult to isolate and preserve. At home, turn brownish-brown drug iodine into a beautiful violet, if you pour gasoline over a water-alcohol solution or shake the bottle.

Who invented to connect iodine with urine, and whythe results of the pregnancy test are interpreted in this way, it is not known. But it is absolutely certain that one can not trust such experiments: only a gynecologist can assume the presence of pregnancy, and ultrasound - confirm guesses. Let the result please you!

Especially - Elena Kichak

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