Hormones with edema

Atrial stretch and hypernatremia causeAtrial natriuretic hormone release (its precursor, high molecular weight protein, is in the secretory granules of the atrial cardiomyocytes). This hormone, firstly, increases the excretion of Na + and water, increasing GFR. inhibiting the reabsorption of Na + in the proximal tubules and inhibiting the secretion of renin and aldosterone. secondly, reduces the tone of arterioles and veins, compensating for the vasoconstrictive effect of angiotensin II. ADH and increased sympathetic tone.

The closely related brain natriuretic hormone is mainly found in cardiomyocytes of the ventricles and is secreted with an increase in diastolic pressure.

Although with heart failure levelnatriuretic hormones are elevated, this does not prevent edema. In addition, with edema, especially against the background of heart failure, develops resistance to natriuretic hormones.

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