Urine with edema

You that, salt can not be excluded, just limit a little. And with edemas, appoint kanefron or cowberry leaf, and in the third trimester, you need to drink less water.

No, it's not true. According to the latest data, salt must be eliminated completely, it is sufficient in the products. To exclude canned food, sausage, i.e. anything that contains salt. You need to drink as much as possible when salt is completely ruled out, so that the fluid in the body is updated more quickly. If you drink a lot and eat salty, you will swell more.

15. a guest | | 08/08/2014, 02:11:59 [890317147]

Excuse me, can you not survive the birth with this diagnosis?

For the mother, the risks are lower, the aunt also had the samea diagnosis 40 years ago, in the state of clinical death was taken to the hospital, kidneys were refused, the child died, the child did not survive. At me last year at the same diagnosis the child has died.

Go to the hospital if your health and the health of the child are dear to you.

18. LoveKitty | | 03/04/2015, 14:53:57 [3111786566]

In general, swelling and protein in the urine in the third trimester called late gestosis, read

Really? And how such results of analyzes on 29 week? I needed to go to the morgue straight? Or, on cesarean (three doctors insisted in one voice), blood: Lupus anticoagulant +, fibrinogen 9 units, soy 77 units, urine: protein in urine 3.4 units, white blood cells in urine. As far as I know protein 3.4 units + edemas is already a heavy gestosis in medicine called, but you know from what such indicators appeared. ) From our attentive medicine I was treated from pyelonephritis for 22 to 30 weeks, but on ultrasound in the eyes of e., As a result the situation is banal, the overcompartment ureter, the right kidney gave OPN + inflammation + there was no outflow of urine, BUT gynecologists assured me that me gestosis :) and in a simple hospital, urologists did a simple, put the stent in the kidney, after which for 3 days all the edemas fell asleep and the protein became 0.25. So you do not need to believe everyone, do not all try to treat according to the textbook and do not need to talk about a particular disease on the basis of several symptoms. I reported normal pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful son and yes it was not gestosis, although with protein 3.4 units you already have to give consent to cesarean and it is considered very dangerous.

19. LoveKitty | | 03/04/2015, 15:04:12 [3111786566]

and this is not the only example of our stupidmedicine: after pregnancy she turned to a rheumatologist for the marble of her hands. Not to any doctor and to the candidate honey. Sciences having given 2.400 for the reception. She came to the examination, she tells me and you have a net, and therefore the AFS, gave me a leaf where the analyzes were written (all paid out for 60,000). As a result, of all the analyzes, there was just an accursed lupus anticougulant as much as 1.25 units at the rate up to 1.2. in general, in her opinion this is 100% affs. But how is it so. She did not know what I gave birth (with no affiliations without drugs), I did not have thrombosis, I never had thrombocytopenia (which is the main mechanism of the syndrome), what is the exception of nature? and most importantly my mother has the same marbling of hands and feet, and the child unfortunately also, but the affs are not transmitted in any way by inheritance and the 99% of cases without treatment the fetus dies. So think at your leisure, are our doctors so competent, is it worth believing 100% regardless of what our medicine is. Even the propaganda about the fact that smoking black lungs is a lie and anti-tobacco advertising, any court. honey expert will say that at autopsy the light smokers from not smokers can not be distinguished without histology: D so do not watch a lot of TV and believe all the gossip in the village. Health to all.

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