Swollen labia photo

Anonymous, Female, 24 years old

Hello!In the last week there was reddening and edema of the labia, accompanied by burning and itching, there are discharges then liquid "dairy" then "curd". If scratching, then a clear, sticky liquid is allocated. Last month, the men went on with a delay of 20 days, and the first of them The day was very pulling their stomach (it was difficult and painful to walk and even roll over on the bed). With what it can be connected? Thank you in advance !!

Good afternoon. With such complaints it is necessary to turn to a gynecologist and take tests. First about the excreta. Of course, there is an infectious process of the vagina. To find out the reason, we need to give a smear to the flora, an analysis for sexual infections by the PCR method, and also a sowing with the definition of sensitivity. In addition, it is desirable to donate blood for antibodies to hidden infections. Treatment is appointed only on the basis of the results of the survey, possibly together with the sexual partner. At the time of the examination, the means of intimate hygiene (safflower, epigen), interferon preparations with C and E antioxidants (viferon), as well as probiotics (lactofiltrum) for the prevention of dysbiosis can be prescribed. Regarding abdominal pain: as there was a delay in menstruation, I advise you to donate blood to b-hCG to exclude an ectopic pregnancy and to undergo ultrasound.

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