How to treat swollen eyelids

Swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes clearly do not painta woman's face. In addition, they can signal the occurrence of health problems, the need for urgent treatment. Therefore, do not wait until "it passes by itself." Having found out the reason, you can quickly return the former attraction.

Edema of the eyelids can be caused by congenitalfeatures of the structure of the eye. For example, too thin membrane, located between the skin of the eyelids and subcutaneous tissue. With age, it becomes thinner even more, so any malaise or stress can "decorate" the eyelids with a swelling: after all, the fluid is retained in the cellulose, which is practically not separated from the skin of the eyelids. Conclusion: avoid stress, take care of your health, this will save you from the appearance of edema of the eyelids.

Swollen eyelids may also be a symptom of somediseases, for example, conjunctivitis, cold or cold. Inflammatory processes lead to vasodilation, and consequently, edema. Eliminate them will help soothing, antibacterial or antiviral drops, which contain substances that narrow the blood vessels. However, in the first place, it is worth consulting with a doctor about the treatment of the underlying disease, otherwise no measures aimed at eliminating the edema of the eyelids, will not give the desired result.

If you are relatively healthy, however, eyelidssuddenly swelling, then the possibility of an allergic reaction should be ruled out. With caution, start using face creams, facial cleansers, make-up. After noticing the first signs of swelling, postpone the new remedy. If the condition of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes after that improves, it is worth looking for a hypoallergenic analog, created specifically for sensitive skin.

In addition, the eyelid swelling may be a consequence ofwrong way of life. Lack of sleep, smoking, excessive consumption of fried and salty foods, as well as a large amount of liquid immediately reflected on the face. Exit one: a full sleep, a balanced diet and a rejection of bad habits.

If the eyelid edema is only cosmeticproblem, then a number of salon procedures will help to cope with it. So, to remove a small swelling will help manual lymphodrainage massage of the temples and the area around the eyes, coupled with special gymnastics for the eyes. If the puffiness is expressed strongly enough, you can get rid of it with the help of electrostimulation, mesotherapy or dermotonia. All these procedures improve the cellular metabolism and restore blood microcirculation and lymphatic exchange.

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