Red swollen eyelids

I started studying in China, I still speak very badly, I do not have anyone to turn to.
In the evening I ate the sea with groceriesme, took a bath and ate a mandarin before going to bed. my whole body was hanging, I could not calm myself. in the morning everything went away, and the upper eyelids swelled like tomatoes. Earlier I did not notice allergies and I did not cry so much that already a whole day swelled up all swollen. help, what with me? I can not go to school.

Grigor Sergey Vadimovich. 11/04/2008 10:48

Hello, Carolina!
This is called pseudoallergia. In this case, the mast cells are damaged directly, and accordingly there is a release of histamine. You need 2 homeopathic medicines for treatment:
1. Rus toxicodendron 6 - 3 granules under the tongue daily in the morning, prolonged.
2. Calcium carbonum 6 - 7 granules under the tongue 4 times a day, before the improvement (v / veki).

Natalia | | (Female 38 years, Ufa, Russia) | 12/29/2009 11:07 AM

Hello! I have similar symptoms with girls. Eyes swelled, reddened and itched for several years. First, they diagnosed an allergy to the cream, then everything turned into blepharitis. Has treated blepharitis in the summer. It all seemed normal. But woke up today and found swollen eyelids, reddened and a little itchy. Earlier the eyes swelled completely, and today only the eyelids. It is worth noting, of course, ate a lot of Mandarin in the evening before going to bed. Now I do not know what to do. Tell me please!

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