Swollen knees of the photo

With a knee tumor caused by trauma,prepare the following remedy. Take 1 teaspoon of salt, soda and honey, carefully mash the ingredients and add 5-7 drops of iodine, stir until a uniform consistency. On the knee preheated with a warm compress, apply a thin layer of the prepared composition and wrap it. Wash off the compound from the knee after 15 minutes with warm water and wipe dry. Suffice 3-5 treatment sessions, so that the tumor is asleep and the bruised knee joint is restored.

Arthritis of the knee joint is the most frequentthe cause of a knee tumor. Prepare the following composition for anesthesia and removal of the inflammatory process. Take 160 ml of vodka, turpentine and vegetable oil. Put in a half-liter bottle of dark glass a piece of camphor, the size of ¼ of a slice of a refined sugar, then pour it with turpentine, then add the vegetable oil, lastly - vodka. Shake the bottle before use. Before going to bed, rub this product dry to the knee, tied it with a woolen cloth.

For the treatment of a knee tumor in arthritisprepare the following composition. Fill half the jar with an equal amount of celandine, lilac flowers and wormwood. Pour to the top of the can of vodka or moonshine. Put on a month in a warm place for infusion. Do not filter. Before use, take 50 ml of tincture and 50 ml of vegetable oil, pour into one bottle, stir and rub the mixture 2-3 times a day, necessarily insulating the joint after the procedure. The course of treatment is 3-7 days.

The most dangerous tumors of the knee joint arewith degenerative arthritis. This disease develops slowly, not letting people know about themselves for a long time. But, when the cartilage in the knee is almost destroyed, severe pain begins, accompanied by a knee tumor.

Also, with knee tumors, compresses with cabbage leaves, onion gruel, honey-salt compresses, etc. are effective.