Swollen upper eyelids what to do

The appearance of puffiness in the upper eyelid area -a fairly common phenomenon for older people. To serve as the reason of the similar phenomenon the whole group of negative factors can. It is for this reason that in the course of therapy, specialists, first of all, identify the processes that lie at the root of the development of puffiness.

The main causes of swelling in the upper eyelid

If the upper eyelid is swollen what to do in thiscase few guess. However, the cause of the phenomenon may not be so serious. Among the most common prerequisites for the appearance of puffiness is:

  • Development of inflammatory processes in the eyelids;
  • Presence of diseases of internal organs;
  • Getting injured;
  • The manifestation of specific allergic reactions to certain pathogens;
  • Infectious damage to the eye;
  • Over-saturation of the body with salt and alcohol abuse;
  • An accumulation of excess fluid in the body;
  • Constant lack of sleep and night life.

One of the most typical reasons for educationpuffiness of the upper eyelid is considered to be an allergic reaction to a specific pathogen. If the upper eyelid is swollen for the first time, what to do is not known, one of the most optimal options is to seek help from a dermatologist. The specialist will conduct appropriate tests, revealing the allergen, after which he will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

In case of regular appearance of swelling of the uppercentury, rationally enroll in a comprehensive examination of the body. To the formation of tumors in the upper eyelid can cause cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure and other common pathologies of internal organs.

Among the reasons for the appearance of puffiness of the eyelids,occupies furunculosis - a disease known in the people as barley. The course of the disease is often accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature, as well as aching pain in the eyelid region with active body movements and palpation of the affected area. If the pain with barley continues to increase, and the temperature rises, in this case, immediate medical attention is required.

As for edema of the upper eyelidas a result of trauma, in this case the eyelid, more often than not, acquires a noticeable, cyanotic shade, which is not very difficult to notice. Usually, such edema disappears within a week, without any procedures.

If, in addition to the puffiness of the upper eyelid, painful densification has occurred at the site of the impact, it is better to visit the attending physician at the place of residence or immediately contact the nearest trauma center.

Penetration of infectious agents inThe mucous membrane of the eye is also often accompanied by the appearance of swelling. If, along with the tumor of the century, the redness of the surrounding areas is observed, it is necessary to immediately visit the oculist, who will prescribe the appropriate drugs.

Help quickly resolve the problem associated withthe development of infectious manifestations, is potentially capable of taking diuretics. However, the use of unverified drugs doctor's recommendation is highly undesirable.