Swollen knees what to do

Sergey Plugarev Orakul (80399) 6 years ago

Trophy is broken. First of all, we need to find the cause. The cause, faster than you, no one will find. This can be hypodynamia, and vice versa, irregular movements without warm-up. Or an incorrect posture in a prolonged mode. Until I found the reason, I can only advise one thing. Start the morning with a massage of the surrounding muscles, th e muscles of the thigh and lower leg. Blood vessels that feed the knee joint pass through them. Do not massage under the knee, there are lymph nodes.

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Arishka Profi (575) 6 years ago

Was there a knee injury before the complaints? Warming is not recommended. We advise you to perform an X-ray of the knee in 2 projections and get a consultation from a surgeon or a rheumatologist. It is possible that arthroscopy (endoscopic examination of the joint) will be required.

Vladimir Bochkov Мудрец (11971) 6 years ago

The causes of inflammation of the knee joints are a car and a small cart. To identify a specific cause in your case - you need to go to the doctor (therapist or rheumatologist) and examine, and then already heal.

Lydia44 Orakul (86219) 6 years ago

If really swelling, but not swollen, then this is something with the veins. It is necessary to address to phlebologist, and while to smear with a gel Troxevasinum.
But can my knees be swollen? Then it is a joint disease, a surgeon is needed. Assign a bunch of ointments, Nayatoks, Diclofenac, Fastum-gel, Chondroxide, B group vitamins, milmammam injections, Actovegin, and maybe Cynologist, which the surgeon himself makes directly to the knee.

*</ b> The Supreme Mind (345349) 6 years ago

Soak for a week in a vinegar egg essence, thenrub it with butter, only get rid of the skin and rub your knees every day. Wrap it up. I had this-passed. But all the same it is necessary to go to the doctor. Good luck, Irishka!

A resident of the country Illusions Orakul (98140) 6 years ago

Thank you! class! Toko not me, they asked me to ask. but it will not fade?

Svetlia4ok Enlightened (20635) 6 years ago

First you need to take an X-ray to knowthe cause of edema of the knee. It is possible that the joint is inflamed and arthritis begins. I do not want to frighten you, but this disease is exactly the way it is, especially if there is a local temperature and pain in the joint.