Swollen Ankles

Female 29 years.

Hello, Doctor!
Two or three months ago my ankles began to swell(the place where the foot is attached to the foot), swell behind and from the sides. If you press on these places, they are a little painful, if you pull out the sock, then the swelling is especially noticeable - the ankle began to hang over the foot: (They themselves are not
so I did not even notice right away.on these swollen. But the last two weeks I'm at a new job, I travel far and for 8 hours I sit at the computer - and my legs in these places began to ache during the day, in the evening. The heel of the heel and ankle behind in the lower part of it ache upward (apparently in the Achilles tendon) and in the foot (in the upper part). I tried to make a warm bath with sea salt and at night I smear it
special. At home I wear compression socks. But almost none of these tools help. The bath relieves the pain for 10 minutes, and then everything on the new: (. Even this morning, I noticed that the sides of the foot protruded veins (it had never been this before).
Tell me, please, how to determine what it is, and whether I need to go to an orthopedist or a mb to some other specialist?
Thank you!