How to get rid of morning swelling

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Each of us was faced with a morning problem"Terribly swollen face." And this trouble can aggravate an already bleak mood from a heavy awakening. Swallow eyes and swollen eyelids in the reflection of the mirror upset both women and men alike. Familiar? Actually almost every day?

The causes of morning swelling of the eyes may be different. The party on the eve with an obvious search, night coffee with virtual "shooter races," an evening beer with salted fish, lack of sleep, insomnia, kidney disease, varicose veins ... And if you still slept, skukozhivshis, and put your arm under, the edema will be with a great deal of probability.

So, what to do if the time for pick-up in the morning is short, and the eye is almost invisible.

First: before going to the shower, do 15 sit-ups. Difficult, but very realistic, and takes no more than 1.5 minutes. So you can activate the drainage system of the body, increase blood and lymph circulation, which was at night in the "sleeping" mode. The faster the blood and lymph "run", the faster they will remove excess water from the skin tissues, which cause such swelling. Bonus - leg muscles will always be in good shape.

The second: The shower should be contrasting. Do not be brutal, so alternate not ice and hot, but tolerably cool and warm. The jet should be made to a maximum - this additional massage will also improve blood circulation.

After leaving the shower, do 15 more sit-ups. Try to master all 15, or at least 10. It's mandatory!

The third. brushing your teeth ... all the time, curse. Yes, yes, just twist and build yourself all sorts of faces! Use more muscles around the eyes: squint and hold for 2 seconds, then wide open your eyes, quickly blink, turn your eyes ... Bonus - morning mood improvement is guaranteed.

We continue: wash with very cold water and rub well.face with palms. Ideally - wash with strong water from the refrigerator, tk. bubbles also have a micromassage, and the salts and minerals dissolved in it strengthen the skin.
If swelling is frequent, prepare ice in molds beforehand and rub the ice cube instead of washing. Ice - the oldest way to eliminate swelling!
Look in the mirror again tostate improvements. As a rule, the sight of your eyes after all these manipulations should already approach the normal state. If everything is completely neglected or you want to achieve maximum similarity with your usual reflection, proceed to the next stage.

Massage of the eye zone. In order to save time, you can do it while preparing breakfast or even while eating (while chewing food), but still it is better to allocate a couple of minutes.

So: on the upper eyelid, pressing lightly, we spend with the pads of the index fingers of the arc from the bridge of the nose to the temples, 10 times. Repeat the same under the eyes: from the nose to the temples, 10 times. Just do not pull the skin, because you do not need wrinkles.
And now "play the piano" under your eyes, i.e. do alternately frequent patting with your fingertips. This kind of self-massage for the eyes is the easiest and most effective. The whole massage is enough for 2 minutes.

Additional useful tips. if swelling becomes a familiar phenomenon for you, but you have firmly decided to fight them:

1) Express Recovery. in the evening, prepare a broth 1 st. spoon for 1 cup of boiling water (chamomile, sage, mint, lemon balm or what is). Cool, pour into ice molds and put into the freezer.

Massage with ice cube</ strong> around the eyes with puffiness - effective sos-remedy. Drive with ice, until the skin suffers, then give her "recover" for 2-3 seconds and continue until the whole cube is exhausted. In the end, tap your fingers lightly on the eyelids.

2) Cold cucumber will help you out if there is no ice ready (compress: rings of cucumber in your eyes for 5 minutes or massage with a piece of its core). Here, too, the bonus - wrinkles are much smaller + fresh complexion!

3) There is another option: buy special mask for eye area from a dense moisturizing gel. Keep it in the refrigerator. When you need to remove swelling (or need relaxation for the eyes after the computer), you put it on your eyes and rest for 10 minutes. It is reusable, so it will serve you for a long time.

4) Edema + dark circles + red squirrel eyes. scroll for 10 minutes. Wadded disk moistened in cold strong tea leaves of black tea, squeeze it slightly and put it on your eyes. Lie down for 10 minutes.

5) Frequent swelling. try not to drink a lot of fluids 2-3 hours before bedtime. As a rule, the amount drunk above the norm for your body is reflected in the morning on your face. You can confine yourself to a pair of juicy fruits.

6) At night and in the morning, use Cosmetic gels and eye creams with extracts Arnica, horse chestnut and cornflower - theyhelp reduce swelling. It is also effective for them to do morning massage of the eye area, as they perfectly glide, moisturize the skin, smooth out fine wrinkles and generally give freshness to the look.

7) Chronic edema. consult a doctor and drink light diuretic infusions and / or vegetable decoctions so that there is no stagnation of fluid. Contrast shower make mandatory morning ritual - really helps.

And still remember the ice cube, it will not let you down!
Now you know how to erase the disgusting "mask of yesterday" and be a "cucumber"!