Magnesium sulfate from edema

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Not so long ago, I wrote a review about the drug Magnesium sulfate Laxative MOSFARM "Magnesium sulfate"
but my feedback was about his direct appointment. And now I want to talk about another, not traditional application - a bath for weight loss with Magnesium sulfate.
About this method of losing weight, I learned not by accident,more precisely it was not a way to lose weight - it was a way to get rid of swelling during pregnancy. Magnesium sulfate is magnesia. During pregnancy, I had severe edema and many are familiar with the fact that droppers with Magnesia are placed in a hospital for the removal of edema. But I started a strong allergy to Magnesia and magnesium preparations containing. Then the doctor suggested another option - a bath with Magnesium sulfate. And such baths helped to remove swelling, but not significantly. After the birth, swelling did not sleep, as many mothers had on the third day and the doctor again offered me to do the baths, which would help to remove swelling, rest for the legs and a sedative. Proportions were as follows:
- 10 sachets of magnesium sulphate
- chamomile broth
- or sea salt 1 kg, do not use sea salt.

I did not expect this effect! I lost 11 kg in the first month, Magnesium sulfate is a salt, and such a composition removes excess fluid from the body and feeds it with useful properties. I lost weight due to the liquid leaving. Four years have passed, and still I make such baths and it helps to get rid of cellulite, tightens the skin of the thighs, especially the inner part, the skin becomes incredibly tender. And they help with headaches.
Such procedures should be conducted while sitting, asYou can not immerse the area of ​​the chest, that is, the heart. You should not sit in the tub for more than 15 minutes. And it is desirable that the water was from 36 to 40 degrees. In pregnancy, I only did baths at 36 degrees. I was freezing upright. You can do 10 procedures in a row, then necessarily a break. Or once or twice a week, but without interruption or on demand.

And here's another way to make the tummy flatwrapping method, this is the same Magnesium sulfate, for 14 cups of water and add mint 10 drops of oil, soak a small towel or a soft cloth with this solution, put on a stomach and wrap the food film for 10-20 minutes, pay attention to that there was not discomfort. At me postnatal extensions and I for a long time do not put, as that bojazno)) a skin smooth after procedures and tightened. It takes up to 10 procedures, then break and repeat, or already on demand.

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