Cowberry berries from edema

Cowberry grows most often in pineforests, hence the name, like a berry berry. Its useful properties have been known for a long time, and it can not but rejoice that the fruits and leaves of this small healing shrub can be bought freely, or even assembled themselves. Useful properties of berries cranberries have long been known for their healing power.

It is through potassium that the berry berry eliminatesus from edema and reduces blood pressure, because this element displaces sodium from the blood, which holds water. And manganese is valuable in that it protects against fat embolism (clogging of small vessels with droplets of fat). Therefore, fresh berries and juice, as well as broths of dry berries are prescribed with increased arterial pressure, cold, rheumatism, gout.

Cowberry is very convenient for long-term storage: Benzoic acid prevents berries from decay and fermentation. So the fruits can be stored and fresh. To do this, remove spoiled berries, rinse them, pour into a jar and pour filtered water over. Close the tight lid and put it in a dark cool place.

Berries also tolerate freezing well,practically without losing useful properties. Cowberry can also be dried. Dry fruits until they stop sticking together. Store this cowberry in a hermetically sealed glass jar in a dark place at room temperature. Berries cranberries are used for beriberi, because they have so many different vitamins! And they are well preserved for a year or two, depending on the method of harvesting. Still this berry is rich in pectins, which explains its ability to shoot increased gas formation in the intestines. Perhaps the main advantage and useful property of cranberries is the presence in it of benzoic acid (up to 0.2% in ripe berries) - an antiseptic that helps the body to withstand diseases.

Especially it would be desirable to note contained in a cowberryvitamins of group B. B1 improves the functioning of the central nervous system, B6 regulates protein metabolism and improves skin condition, B (folic acid) participates in blood and reduces cholesterol. The advantage of cranberries in front of other products containing folic acid is that it does not need to be subjected to heat treatment when brewing, from which 50 to 90% of this vitally important vitamin is destroyed. Contraindicated in cranberries with gastritis, ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.