Kosmoteros serum for swelling

Serum for removing edemas and lightening fromKosmoteros is a powerful decongestant biocomplex. Serum increases the lymph drainage ability of the skin, quickly and effectively removes puffiness and prevents the appearance of "bags" under the eyes. The original combination of unique peptides in combination with flavonoid crisin prevents the expansion of blood vessels, reducing their permeability. The serum contains a unique component of Haloxyl®, a biologically active complex of bioflavonoids and peptides. The component performs depigmentation and restructuring of the fragile connective tissue of the skin around the eyes. Possessing anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the expansion of blood vessels, preventing the permeability of capillaries. Promotes a significant decrease in the intensity of the violet "circles" under the eyes. Another component of the serum is Eyeliss®. decongestant biocomponent, which helps to eliminate "bags" under the eyes, and also to prevent their occurrence. The complex of peptides improves the circulation of lymph, restores elasticity and elasticity, improves skin tone. Caffeine - activates the blood supply, has a drainage and strengthening effect. Also in the grape seed oil, glycerin, allantoin and macadamia oil.

Result: well-groomed skin around the eyes, removal of edema and circles under the eyes.

Composition: complex of peptides. caffeine, grape seed oil, glycerin, allantoin, macadamia oil.

Note: description and photo of the goods "Kosmoteros Professional Regenerating serum to relieve swelling and lightening of dark circles under the eyes, 35 ml" may not correspond to reality. If you found a discrepancy, please inform us.

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