Characteristics of cardiac edema

Edema in heart failure becomeit is obvious when the pathological heart process is actively progressing and the degree of heart failure is steadily growing. By itself, heart failure is a pathological condition characterized by a mismatch between the body's need for oxygen, carried by blood, and the functional capacity of the heart.

The main cause of development and educationcardiac edema is a delay in the kidneys of the fluid consumed. Reduction of renal diuresis is due to: a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate, an increase in aldosterone secretion and activation of the PA system (renin-angiotensin).

Edemas with insufficiency have a number of distinctivesigns, which allow differentiating diseases of the cardiovascular system with kidney diseases. So, the main characteristics of this phenomenon are:

  • favorite localization: cardiac edema is called ascending, because unlike, for example, from the kidneys, they initially appear on the lower limbs, and then gradually "crawl" upwards, embracing the sacrum, loins and upper limbs. Initially, they can be localized only on the legs (feet and shins, then go up the hips), but with an increase in the severity of heart failure, the edema area on the patient's body also increases;
  • the rate of development of this pathological phenomenon directly depends on the rate of progression of the underlying disease, a complication of which is heart failure;
  • possibly complicating the process in the form of ascites - accumulation of excess fluid in the abdominal cavity;
  • with compensated heart failure may disappear almost completely.

Methods of getting rid of this phenomenon.

In order to avoid or at least minimize the number and magnitude of edema that occurs, it is necessary to remember some basic rules:

  • Do not neglect the treatment of the underlying disease;
  • limit the use of liquid (up to 1000 ml per day) and table salt (up to 1.5 g per day);
  • on the prescription of the doctor to take diuretic medications (Lasix, Hypothiazide);
  • to use potassium containing food;
  • use of ACE inhibitors (angiotensin-converting enzyme) - Enalapril, Ciulapril.

In addition to traditional medicinal methods of getting rid of edema, there are folk methods:

  • pour boiling water (180-200 ml) and let it brew for 20 minutes 2 tbsp. spoons of horsetail. Take the inside of 65 ml 4 times a day;
  • crushed roots lovage (enough 40 gr.) and pour 1000 ml of boiling water, let stand on the water bath for about 8 minutes, then remove from heat and put in a warm place for 20-25 minutes. Broth strain and take four times a day for 50 ml;
  • an excellent remedy is the infusion of the uncoveredlumbago (10-15 gr.) for 180-200 ml of steep boiling water, infused for 120-130 minutes. This tool is recommended to use a glass a day. The course of treatment is up to 14 days.