Dill water from edema

Dill is one of the main representativesdining room green. It is rich in vitamins, organic acids, iron, phosphorus, as well as salts of potassium and calcium. In this plant, many carbohydrates, bioflavonoids, sugars and phytoncides. In the seeds of dill, there are essential oils that have a pleasant, specific odor. The use of this plant is multifaceted. Dill oil finds its application in bakery and confectionery business, as well as in the production of cosmetics and perfumes.

The healing properties of this wonderful plant have been used in ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, South America and the Middle East. Many centuries it is loved in Russia.

One of the most popular means,used in folk medicine, is dill water. It is made in oil or on a decoction. This remedy serves as a good helper for getting rid of angina and seizures. It also helps with kidney diseases, neuroses, insomnia and pathologies of the urinary tract. Thanks to the rich content of useful substances, dill beneficially affects the digestive system, strengthens blood vessels and heart, lowers arterial pressure and normalizes choleretic and diuretic functions.

Water from this plant can be made by yourself. Dill oil, which is sold in a pharmacy, must be diluted with water at a rate of 1: 1000. To create a more saturated solution, when disposing of certain diseases, the solution can be prepared in a proportion of 1: 100. A stronger concentration is not recommended.

Dill water can be made from seedsthis plant. For this, one tablespoon of raw material is poured with 200 grams of hot water. The infusion is allowed to stand for 15 minutes and filtered. Take it one or two tablespoons from four to six times a day before meals. Dill water serves as an excellent prophylactic against urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, as well as for diseases of the respiratory system, as an expectorant.

This infusion finds its application for carefor newborns. Dill water serves as an excellent remedy for childhood colic and increased excitability. It eliminates flatulence, anxious sleep and hiccups. Applying dill water, it is necessary to remember about its diuretic effect, reducing the dosage three times when there is incontinence.

Useful dill water for a nursing mother. This remedy can strengthen lactation. When breastfeeding, dill water for the mother helps reduce the flatulence in the baby.

This tool is widely used andin eye diseases due to the high content of vitamin A. Dill water with meadow or heather honey dissolved in it is the most effective for liver diseases. Serve this solution and improve sleep. In this case, dill enhances the hypnotic effect of honey. Traditional medicine uses this plant for the prevention of sclerotic phenomena and colds. To achieve these goals, dill water is added to freshly brewed green tea. With the help of this medicinal plant, pneumonia, bronchitis and malaria are treated. Tea made from dill helps to eliminate toxins and improve the complexion.

Currently, doctors recommend drinking dillwater and pregnant women. It helps to quickly quench thirst, as well as relieve swelling. This remedy is able to solve the problem of flatulence, which is very often worried about expectant mothers.

Dill has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.properties. Thanks to this, he found his application in cosmetology. Dill water is used as a natural lotion or tonic. The application of this product refreshes the skin, relieving it of fine wrinkles, and also removes pigment spots. So decoction is useful to rinse after washing your hair. It gives them a shine and a healthy appearance.