Fasting from edema

Pluses: Fast fat loss, removes stagnantliquid from the body, displays complex swelling, delays the development of a serious illness, heals minor and minor illnesses, renews cells in the body, rejuvenates

Disadvantages: any error at the output will lead to severe sequelae, many contraindications, does not treat serious illnesses, is dangerous and uninhibited, it is very difficult to withstand, after hunger a long exit and restorative process

I survived a couple of years ago in the summer, in the very heatexactly 10 days of dry hunger, but the goal was not to lose weight. The goal was to get rid of severe pain due to a serious illness. One God knows how I stood these dry days of hunger. I could not walk and lie because of illness, but only sit. I had severe edemas and medications together with the doctors did not help to bring down the swelling. I tried hunger on the water for 21 days, then after another week of break for another 15 days, but he did not help me to remove pain and swelling and then I decided to take extreme measures. The first 4 days without water are less tolerant, then this something terrible starts. I sat and could not even speak, my mouth was dry and I just kept my strength. I literally vampirila eyes of all who came to me in the room, as if trying to take water from their bodies, all my face-writhing, and especially my eyes conveyed horror and thirst, as my relatives later told me. I stopped sleeping, maybe it was off for about 30 minutes and that's it. Thirst was an unbearable and strong summer heat. I constantly asked to pour water into the atomizer with which the flowers were sprayed and constantly sprayed and moistened their lips, the body was very hot, and inside the cold, sometimes rinsed the mouth, but did not swallow the water. Up to 4 days I was pricked with painkillers many times a day, then less, and only on the 7th day of dry fasting did I start to get all the swelling that could not but knock off the doctors. On day 8 I thought that I could not stand it any longer. But on the Internet I read that it takes 11 days of dry hunger to conquer the disease and only this thought moved me to go to the end. And for 10 and a half day I started my way out of dry fasting. A priest came to me, I first took Communion. The communion took a glass of holy water. And in the first time in a long time I was able to lie down as it should be on the bed and fall asleep. But I woke up every hour and drank water. For the first day I drank 6 liters of water, I did not want food, I just wanted to drink. Never in my life water was so delicious. For a whole month I had a feeling that everything was dry and all the organs inside me dry. I started again after 18 days and at what time I drank freshly squeezed juices, but they did not soak into me and did not digest until I started cramming myself with small sips of yogurt. Yes, I lost a lot of weight and got rid of swelling and pain. But I did not cure the disease and after a while she relapsed for another year. But I did not have to starve any more. The biggest mistake I made, this is that I did not clean the bowels before starvation and because everything was dried up in the intestines, I had huge problems with the stool when I started to eat and when it all started working. Be sure to clean the intestine before dry fasting.

For the sake of weight loss, I would not advise dry hunger,Only with severe pain and when there is nothing else does not help. since if there is pain, then there is inflammation, and any replenishment is kept at the expense of edema. As far as I know, the experiment was conducted and under microscopes it was clear that capillaries burst on the 3rd day of dry hunger throughout the body. There is still a danger that the fluid will dry out in the brain. Many cases when on dry hunger people went crazy. Even in dry hunger, a lot of contraindications - stones and kidney diseases, stones in the bile, etc.

A very long time, even before these 10 days of SG I triedcascade dry fasting for weight loss. First day after day, then 2 through 2 to 5 in 5 days. Those. 5 days you drink water and eat vegetarian food, 5 days you do not eat and you do not drink water. I lost weight, but weight quickly returned when I stopped following this system.