Cold water from edema

Foot swelling, as a rule, occurs in cases of violationsvenous and lymphatic circulation, disturbance of nervous trophism, inflammation processes. If you stay in one position for a long time, there may be swelling in the legs and feet.

Do not forget that swelling of the legs, without explicitsymptoms of blood and lymph circulation disorders, may be the result of any more serious diseases, such as prostate cancer, genital diseases, sarcoma and many other dangerous diseases.

If the skin becomes inflamed and reddens in swelling,hence, edema is a consequence of deep phlebitis. To ease the pain, you can try to lie down for a while, placing your feet above your head (for example, throwing them on the back of the sofa). If there are problems with the outflow of lymph, you can notice first softening, then tightening the skin. In this case, edema becomes chronic, this is the so-called "elephant disease" among the people.

In the summer, swelling of the legs can be a consequence of the expansionblood vessels due to high temperature. If you have a long standing or walking, there is swelling of the legs and pain in the lower back, the veins on the neck increase, it is worth thinking about the condition of the heart and liver

Diseases of the kidneys are also manifested by swelling of the feet (in the morning) and swelling on the face.

At any edema it is better to address in hospital, and to pass or take place full inspection to reveal the reason of a sign.

Fight with swelling and can be at home, the most famous folk recipe is, perhaps, this:

One kilogram of rock salt is dissolvedin ten liters of cold water. In the resulting solution, moisten a terry towel, and apply it to the loin about ten times. After this, urinary excretion should begin, after which the swelling of the legs will begin to pass.

Do not forget that the first tool in the fight against edema is the release of stagnant moisture in the tissues, after you can already move on to additional warming agents.

Decoctions and infusions of herbs for internal use:

You can try a mild diuretic: mix in equal parts half a cup of carrot juice, cucumber and juice of one medium lemon, drink three times a day, diluting with warm water.

Vanga advised to drink juice of milkweed (about 3 grams) with egg yolk.

Useful infusions of mint, 30 grams brew with enough boiling water, let stand, take several times a day.

The edema of the feet will help to remove this infusion: st. spoons of flax seed pour a liter of boiling water, cook for 15 minutes, after letting it steep for an hour, do not need to decant. Take hot, half a glass in two hours, for 2 weeks.

Effective is also such a warming compress:

Take in equal parts olive and camphoroil, grind the resulting composition of the leg from the fingers to the knees. After wrapping your feet with a cotton cloth, and on top of a woolen shawl and leave it overnight (for warming). This procedure should be carried out daily for one month.

Baths that will help to remove leg swelling:

Herbal bath: mix in equal parts the chamomile flowers, mint and birch leaves, pour 100 grams of water, insist for an hour, dilute with hot water and ten minutes to soar your feet (the temperature should not exceed 38 ° C).

Baths to relieve fatigue: 100 grams of juniper berries per liter of water; 100 grams of sea salt per liter of water; 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry mustard per liter of water; two teaspoons of baking soda per liter of water.

The contrast baths are also effective: You need to keep your feet in hot water, periodically lowering them for a short time in very cold. If desired, you can also add decoction of herbs or sea salt in such trays.