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08/05/2014 Tincture of calendula from acne. Application. Inexpensive and efficient

Dear readers, today I want to talk aboutHow to apply tincture of calendula from acne. I think this problem is familiar to many people - especially it worries us in adolescence, when, in part, because of hormonal changes in the body, acne becomes "frequent visitors" of our face.

Quite often, drugs for combating acne andacne becomes the first cosmetic products of the younger generation. Not insured from the appearance of unpleasant pimples on the face and older people. Changing the hormonal background, malfunction in the diet, changing climatic conditions - and here's the trouble, as they say, "on the face."

Influence mechanically on acne -means to aggravate the problem, it is not always possible to disguise it. So the most effective way is to minimize losses. That is, try to get rid of the pimple in the most accurate way. You can use special factory cosmetics for this. And you can turn to the wisdom of folk recipes and apply a simple but effective remedy at absolutely no financial cost. They are the tincture of calendula.

About that calendula and preparations from it or her it is possibleuse to treat not only skin diseases, but other problems with the body, we talked about in the article on the beneficial properties and application of calendula. Having tried the experience of calendula on my own experience, I think that it can become an excellent alternative to expensive acne remedies. By the way, I remember how in our childhood, when there was still no advertised remedies for skin problems, my girlfriend's grandmother just tincture of calendula advised us to treat the first troubles on the skin. And you know, it worked. Today I also use this tincture to eliminate minor troubles on the skin, including insect bites. Let's talk about whether the tincture of calendula helps with acne and how is it better to use it?

Tincture of calendula. Useful properties to help get rid of pimples and other skin problems

The secret to the success of using calendula tincture in its beneficial properties:

Anti-inflammatory properties of marigold tincture - the ability to remove the inflammatory process inits very beginning. Do you remember the feeling when there is still no pimple, but there is already an accurate understanding that soon it will appear in a particular place? In such cases, the use of calendula can be beneficial - to remove inflammation, to reduce the scale of "trouble", and sometimes even completely prevent its appearance. This quality will also help with insect bites, for example, a mosquito. Sometimes the reaction to a bite can be quite "stormy", and from scratching no one is immune. So even a small bite can turn into a pretty big swelling. Tincture of calendula will help again.

Disinfecting property her - prevention of pollution, cleansing and disinfection of the skin.

Regenerating properties of tincture of calendula - in ancient times calendula was used fortreatment of wounds, as well as scarring after them. It causes active blood circulation and as a consequence - regeneration of tissues. To me, the tincture of calendula also helped to get rid of irritation around the mouth of the daughter. Once she had her lips bleached, she began to lick them periodically and reached the point where a strong reddening with scaling formed around her mouth. Saved also tincture of calendula, though diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 2 and ordinary baby cream.

Tincture of calendula. Acne Treatment

Well, in order to cope with the trouble in the form of acne there are several recipes at once, with which you will be happy to introduce.

Spot application of tincture of marigold on the face

The first and simplest method is applying the calendula tincture directly to the pimple, the so-called point application. Having moistened the cotton swab, we simply lubricate it with a problem place.

How else can I apply a calendula tincture for a person from acne?

It all depends on your type of facial skin. Someone will approach and just rub the face with a tincture of calendula. But if you have dry facial skin, it is best to dilute the tincture in half with water. Try this. For me, the best way.

The use of calendula tincture with tea tree oil

For greater efficiency, you can add 50 gtinctures of calendula two drops of tea tree oil. This is my favorite oil. If you do not know him, I strongly advise reading all my recipes with him. Apply to problem points.

By the way, not only from acne helps tincture of calendula. It will be able to cope with scars, which are sometimes formed after them. The principle of application is the same, apply pointwise to the affected area.

Tincture of calendula. Lotion of pimples. Recipe

You can prepare a special tonic ifthe problem of the appearance of pimples is regular. Its systematic use will reduce the fat content of the skin, because calendula reduces the secretion of pores in sebum. It's all about the astringent property of calendula and the ability to narrow pores. The recipe is also quite simple - mix 40 ml of alcohol tincture of calendula and 80-100 ml of water. You can add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. Wipe the skin 1-2 times a day, depending on the degree of fat content and the "scale" of the problem.

As an option, another recipe is to shift 20 gramstincture of marigold and camphor alcohol, add 2 g of ammonia. The resulting mixture is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Wipe the skin before going to bed after washing.

Mask with tincture of calendula

This mask will help to remove irritation on the skin, soothe it and smooth out the complexion. Suitable if there are several inflammation spots on the face.
We will need:

½ cup of boiled water
1 tablespoon wheat flour
1 tablespoon marigold tincture

Mix all the ingredients to the consistency of thick sour cream, you can add more aloe juice (from about 3-4 leaves of the plant). Apply to the face and leave for 10 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Floss from acne based on the tincture of calendula

Another recipe that will help get rid ofacne is quite effective. All the ingredients for the talker can be found in any pharmacy. Use the product carefully, so as not to overdry the skin. Apply also better point. First the pimples will dry up, and after 2-3 days they will quickly disappear.

Tincture of Calendula, Levomycetin, Aspirin from Acne

Actually all the ingredients are already listed in the name. Mix the tincture of marigold (40 ml) with three aspirin tablets and three tablets of levomycetin. Tablets are pre-ground to a powdery state. Mix with the tincture of calendula and shake well, you can dilute the resulting mixture with water 1: 1, if the skin is sensitive. Apply this tool better periodically, rather than systematically. That is, if necessary - when on the face there will be trouble in the form of a pimple. Regular application is bad because, first, the skin is too dry. And secondly, as it were, "get used" to such "heavy artillery" and simply ceases to "react" to its action.

How to prepare marigold tincture at home?

You can prepare the product at home and it will not take much work.

It will take 2 tablespoons of fresh flowerscalendula and half a glass of alcohol or vodka. We put the flowers in a glass vessel, fill it with alcohol, close tightly and put it in a dark place for 7-10 days. After that we filter the tincture and store it in a cool place.

Pharmacy tincture of calendula from acne. Price

If there is no desire to potter yourself, tincturemarigolds can always be bought at the pharmacy. The cost of the drug is about 25 rubles. Absolutely not expensive, cheap, I would say. It is available, and, as you saw yourself, you must be present in your home-based arsenal.

Tincture of calendula against acne. Precautionary measures. Contraindications

Since the calendula has a fairly strongimpact on the skin, you should remember about caution. For example, about possible allergic reactions. Especially prudent is to be someone who suffers from an allergy to pollen flowers, particularly yellow flowers. Chronic skin diseases can also be a contraindication to the use of calendula tincture. In this case, you need to get approval from a doctor who observes the condition of your skin. Remember and that the alcohol tincture of calendula can overdry the skin. Therefore, in an effort to get rid of acne, exercise prudence - use it first in one site and watch the reaction. And still it is impossible to use tincture of calendula on open wounds.

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Here are the recipes from me for today. And for the soul we listen Once in the street in execution Nino Katamadze. I introduced you to her once. Song translation - Beloved. Love has no past tense, everything is in music ... listen to the amazingly touching performance of the song ...

I wish everyone health, beauty and, of course, Love is so touching in your hearts ...

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