Corn stigmas from edema

Corn stigmas - specific soft hairson the cob of corn. They are not used for food, but they are a valuable medicinal raw material. Healthy people use corn stigmas for weight loss, and patients - with a number of pathologies of a chronic and acute nature. They contain a scale-up amount of vitamin K, inositol, retinol, tocopherol, fatty oil, thiamine, riboflavin, organic acids, glycosides and tannins.

Corn stigmas have medicinal properties forfight against cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, hepatitis. When applying them, the quality parameters of bile are improved, its stagnation is eliminated, digestion is normalized. Due to vitamin K, corn stigmas are medicated in bleeding, disorders of the blood coagulation system. The raw material of this plant has hypoglycemic properties, which means it is indicated for use in diabetes and obesity. Preparations of corn stigmas have a diuretic effect, and besides they contribute to the expulsion from the body of compounds that cause stone formation. These are urate compounds, oxalates, phosphates. With urolithiasis, inflammation of the urinary bladder, diuresis is accelerated, discomfort decreases, and the number of urge to urinate decreases. With edemas of different genesis, a noticeable improvement is observed after preparations of corn stigmas. That's why they can be prescribed for patients with cardiac edema, which do not have excessive blood clotting.

Corn stigmas for weight loss canused in the elderly with obesity, diabetes. They will accelerate metabolism and will promote the processes of bile secretion and normalization of the urinary system. The broth is effective for rheumatic pain in the muscles. Corn stigmas have medicinal properties and with external application. They are effective for alopecia, tumors, and soft tissue injuries in the form of compresses with decoction.

Infusion of corn stigmas can supportthe level of sugar in the blood, do not provoke sharp jumps of insulin. This allows you not to quickly feel hungry after eating, helps reduce the number of snacks and weight loss. Corn stigmas for weight loss is very good to use in the form of an appetizing decoction. It is prepared as follows: 5 g of raw stigma corn on 200 ml of water. After a moment of boiling, he should just cool down. It is used for 70 ml before meals (for 20 minutes).

If you have to diet, that is a recipeinfusion for appetite. The recipe is as follows: 40 g of raw rylin corn, 400 ml of boiling water. Infusion lasts 2 hours, then the raw material is squeezed out. It is taken infusion at the beginning of the development of a feeling of hunger of 10 ml. You can make a special mixture for weight loss. To do this, fresh corn stigmas or crushed dry raw material is filled with buckwheat or lime honey. Half an hour before meals, 5 g of this mixture with a glass of water is consumed. Keep this honey mixture in the refrigerator.

When the threat of developing diabetes is shown, use the following infusion: 200 g of raw stigma corn, 500 ml of boiling water. All put in a thermos, insist 5 hours.

The standard recipe for curative infusion is as follows: 30 grams of raw stigma corn, a glass of boiling water. In a closed container, infusion is put on a water bath, it is aged for 15 minutes. After a 45-minute infusion, it should be filtered, and the raw material - squeezed into an infusion. Infusion is brought with water to a volume of 200 ml. It is taken depending on the age of 5-30 ml.

The broth should be prepared as follows: 5 g of raw material, 200 ml of boiling water is kept in a water bath for half an hour, then insist and filter. The volume of broth is brought to 200 ml. Take it necessary for 10-30 ml three times a day.

When hair loss is recommended decoction of cornstigma with nettles. One liter takes 200 g of a mixture of these plants and languishes in a water bath for 20 minutes. After cooling, it is diluted with serum (ratio 1: 1).

Use corn stigmas can becontraindicated for allergies to the family of cereals. Also, it is not recommended to apply them with a tendency to thrombosis, increased prothrombin, thrombophlebitis. In the presence of large concrements in the gallbladder, kidneys, broths and infusions of corn stigmas can become dangerous and cause clogging of the ducts with stones. With jaundice, which is caused by the closure of the duct, it is also not advisable to use preparations from this plant material. Doctors forbid prescribing corn stigmas in anorexia. When breastfeeding and pregnant, they are allowed, but only with the consent of the attending physician.