Elastic bandage against swelling

Alyona Ovchar Guru (3455) 6 years ago

Elastic bandages during pregnancy needwear if there is a problem of varicose veins - if signs of veins have already appeared, you need to bandage your feet daily until the end of pregnancy, take off only at night, and give birth to them in them.
And just swelling - by themselves are not terrible, ifthe pressure is normal and the tests (protein in the urine) are good. You can limit the intake of salt and spices, massage the feet, use gels from swelling (eg AVENTovsky).
Bandages from swelling will not help.

NoAnGeL Artificial Intelligence (102122) 6 years ago

necessary! and it is even better to buy special compression stockings or knee-highs

Svetlana Pyatanova Master (1574) 6 years ago

generally it is possible, but do not advise - try to limit the intake of fluid, consult in the women's consultation - in my opinion it's free everywhere