Psychological causes of edema

Thought as a psychological cause of illness.

The events of life we ​​form our thoughts. They also often have all the diseases, becausethat bad thoughts are the same fears, feelings and emotions (malice, hatred, pride, jealousy, guilt, despair and discontent), but only concentrated, and therefore very dangerous. Just the thought "I do not like" can become the culprit of the most serious diseases, because this fear blocks the sacrum-the chakra, where the source of vital energy is.

If a person does not feel love. his immunity is greatly weakened -there are sexual problems, conflicts with people. Fear "I do not like" arises as a child. So, for example, when a woman is pregnant, but doubts whether she wants to give birth to a child, this affects later on the child born. According to some psychologists, if a woman even mentally rejected the baby in the first month of pregnancy, without even knowing about the interesting situation, the child born is a potential smoker. The desire to have an abortion in the second month is an alcoholic, on the third - a mentally ill person with developmental disabilities, on the fourth - a drug addict, on the sixth - a suicide. Criminals and maniacs are often born to mothers who wanted to have an abortion in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Mental or verbal sin of the mother to correct inonly the child itself is in power, and the mother can help him by asking forgiveness from the child for her own fear, for not being able to enter the small creature with love.

Have you ever wondered why during the epidemic aloneinstantly fall ill, but the other does not take the virus? Or why, despite swallowing pills, illnesses, especially chronic ones, come back again and again, and sometimes new ones appear? Folk wisdom says that all diseases are from nerves. But karmic medicine believes that people are sick because of their own fears, because a frightened person concentrates his life all his life, turning a small insult into a great destructive malice.

Malignant and other types of tumors arise from concentrated anger. Moreover, the cancer of the genitals occurs only in people experiencing hatred, anger or contempt for the opposite sex. Diseases of the uterus in women are due to fear of being a bad mother or as a variant of fear "I do not like". Diseases of stomach, stomach arise from excessive thirst for power anddissatisfaction with her absence. Appendicitis occurs when a person is sad, feels humiliated. And we grow fat because we are striving for unrealizable goals, we feel defenseless. The reason of female completeness most often - self-pity, a feeling that no oneyou do not like and you do not need anyone, except yourself. Sometimes the cause of obesity is suppressed anger at parents. This feeling can cause an incorrect metabolism. Stones in the kidneys, gall bladder and liver arise from hostility. Heart diseases most often happen because of feelings of guilt, repressed and inseparable love, a life of hopelessness, a fear that you are unworthy of love or that your love is not accepted. Heart attacks and strokes - illnesses of fighters against life, therefore the majoritydying of this disease - men who for the whole life are going forward by any means. Most often they did not allow themselves to cry or somehow express their emotions in a moment of weakness and grief. Diseases of the throat. in particular bronchitis or asthma, arise from a huge resentment towards people or circumstances. Children often have sore throats when parents in the family scream and quarrel, and the child can not in any way fix it.

The conflict between the mind and the senses breeds brain disease. including mental illnesses. It is because of the lack of purpose people are looking for something unearthly, become entangled in their own hallucinations and go crazy.

Legs hurt people who are not satisfied, andalso those who can not find their way in life, for example, are dissatisfied with the current place of work. Swelling of the legs is a disease of the poor and scum. These people usually do not believe in their own life force and are losers.

Diseases of the spine arise from the lack of a life platform or when it is erroneous. Curvature of the spine occurs in children whose family is weak, weak-willed father.

Changing the faithful from the absence of sincerelove, or from excessive feelings, when a girl literally worships her chosen one. Such love can even be killed, since it is a colossal energy. A man subconsciously feels danger and begins to walk on the side, and very often he is then tormented by a sense of guilt in front of a loving wife. These ladies-lovers do not leave the family, but, being the original "transmitters" of the wife's love, make one more woman, or even many, happy for the time being.

Everything that hurts on the right, is connected with the female energy. If the right nostril is laid, take offense at the woman. If there is something to the left, it is related to the attitude towards men. Release the negative with a strong sex, and the pain will disappear.

The state of mind affects the course of the disease, our life. Think about the good, tune into a more optimistic way - and you will see how life is changing for the better!