Salt water from edema

. Expert (299), on a vote 1 year ago

deducted on the Internet that salted waterhelps to get rid of edema, because I drink a lot of water very swollen legs, became very plump, I could not recover so much, my legs look like elephants, and the weight jumps throughout the day in the morning on the evening of 60 evening +3, how to drink this salt water and What should be salt?

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Natalia Supreme Mind (196680) 1 year ago

If you drink salt water, the swelling will be even greater - the salt retains water.

zacharya mylivska Enlightened (40012) 1 year ago

Ie now salt water is drunk for the withdrawal of liquid. before she was drunk for a delay. Strannoooo

Mom Choli Artificial Intelligence (223928) 1 year ago

Legs swelling in salt water are kept to remove swelling. but do not drink salt water

Zina Zeta Orakul (85048) 1 year ago

Licorice root, broth of wild rose, currant leaves - lymphostimulants. You have stagnation of lymph, you move little and the blood is not in order. Limflow is a drug. But you need to start with cleansing the intestines.

Yin Yang Enlightened (40812) 1 year ago

Zina Zita is right.
1- intestine.
2- At least the kidneys. purify yourself.
a tissue moistened in salt water as a compress will draw moisture away. but this is not a cure.