Tea from body swelling

The way our eyes look is largely determined bythe impression of a person. If the eyes are tired and "extinct", the face does not look attractive and vice versa, if the eyes shine and shine, the face looks attractive, even despite the presence of any flaws. In this case, it makes sense to learn to look after the skin around the eyes. One of the most common means from the arsenals of natural cosmetics is tea - about its use and talk.

Lotion for eyes from tea: properties of tea

  • Tea is one of the most affordable, inexpensive and effective remedies in the range of natural cosmetics, struggling with bags and swelling under the eyes.
  • Tea compresses easily and quickly enough remove all visual signs of swelling and inflammation.
  • Choosing tea to care for the skin around the eyes, remember that white and green varieties have more pronounced soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties than black.
  • Active substances contained in tea, improve the intercellular interaction, so that the skin is saturated with useful components quickly and efficiently.
  • The use of tea compresses has a beneficial effect on the circulation of the facial skin - it is quickly restored and returns to normal.
  • Fine wrinkles on the face are smoothed due to the fact that tea provokes the production of collagen, tones the work of the facial muscles.
  • Tea contains a natural anti-aging vitamin P component - this makes it an indispensable cosmetic for those who have mature skin.
  • Important is also the presence in the tea of ​​essential oils - thanks to them, tea acts on the body soothing, turning the usual procedure into a spa treatment.
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Tea from bags and bruises under the eyes: recipes

  • Take 1-2 spoons of green tea and brew them ina glass of boiling water. After the tea is infused and cooled, dab the padded discs into it and put them on your eyes. The time of exposure directly depends on the degree of puffiness and blue around the eyes. In addition, compresses with green tea perfectly cope with eye fatigue and even eliminate the feeling of rubbing.
  • Black tea, like green tea, is boiled with boiling water - a glass of water for 2-3 tablespoons of tea leaves. The method of use is similar, but the degree of its activity is weaker - consider this when choosing the exposure time.
  • Ice cubes from tea perfectly clean bags undereyes and bruises. For the preparation of this cosmetic means, it is sufficient to freeze the cooked tea in convenient molds. Also in the liquid before freezing, you can add a little lemon juice or herbal tea - these additives will enrich the tea.
  • You can also use welding - apply itafter brewing directly to the eyelids. It should be remembered that the welding can dye the skin - consider this and do not overdo it for more than 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, wash thoroughly.
  • Excellent cope with eyelid edema contrasttea procedures - warm compresses should be alternated with the use of tea ice. Several contrasting procedures - and your eyes will find a healthy and fresh look.
  • Do not throw away used tea bags -they can be used for compresses. In this case, you can not use cotton wool discs and tampons - it's more convenient just to squeeze out the bags and put them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
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Tea for the skin around the eyes: application features

- Best for cosmetic purposes is suitablelarge-leaf tea of ​​good quality. The lowest benefit will be from the granulated tea - the dust contained in it can cause damage to the mucous membrane of the eye.

- Tea should be clean - those in which there are additives and flavors, it is better not to use for cosmetic purposes.

- Please note that there is caffeine in the tea - the procedure has a noticeable tonic effect. It is better to spend it in the morning, rather than in the evening, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.

- Do not overdo the tea compresses on your eyes - otherwise the dark circles under the eyes will be replaced by brown ones due to the dyeing of the skin.

In taking care of your appearance, give yourself only the best and natural. Tea care is effective and harmless - take into account the recipes presented here.