Lasix from swelling

severe diuretic action

many side effects

For a very long time, Lasix was lying in my medicine cabinet. I used it very rarely, but the effectiveness of diuretics Laseks did not allow me to part with it.
I applied it so that before going outlight "to remove excess water from the body, remove swelling and remove a kilogram of two weights per day.In the morning, I opened the ampoule with lasik, drank it with a glass of water, the taste of Lasix is ​​not very unpleasant, but it has a specific taste, as Raikin said. The diuretic effect of Lasix is ​​strong, lasts about five hours, I am always ready for this, I tried to drink it only when I am sure of the availability of the "ladies' room".
I used Lasix until one dayshe overstretched the stick. The whole day "fucked up", in the evening at the reception I felt sick. I sipped a little wine, I started an incredible tachycardia, I almost lost consciousness. I had to leave the reception. And at night cramps began.
Since then, Lasix is ​​in the medicine cabinet, but I do not drink it. It is better with edema, but with a healthy heart.
Lasix is ​​a very good diuretic, butcontraindications and side effects of sea medicine. Do not use it yourself, do not play with health. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to make your own, stuffing bumps with "rakes".
I do not recommend (except if the doctor has appointed or nominated).

Overall Impression. Remove edema quickly-Easy, but what's the price.