Garlic from swelling

Last summer, I started for no apparent reasonswelling of the legs. I did not understand why this was happening. Once on a bus I met one grandmother, she saw my legs advised to prepare a broth of garlic to eliminate swelling. The next day I cooked and used this broth on the advice of my grandmother. To my delight, edemas really came down. To prepare the broth, you need to clean and knead a large head of garlic, pour a half liter of hot water and bring to a boil, remove from heat and let the broth brew until the water becomes warm. Wash clean and clean feet with a decoction, and then rub into caviar and soles. You will see the result after several procedures.

I can not believe that the baths of broth of garlic in a flashwill remove swelling of the legs. And if it is a violation of kidney function? The problem is something inside. I also swelled my legs in extreme heat. I put a fan on the floor to cool my feet well. Somehow managed it. )

With swelling of the legs, special tea from the melon seed helps a lot. Tea should be drunk hot 6 - 8 times a day.

To remove swelling make an infusion of tea from the seeds of dill. My grandmother always keeps a bag of seeds for these purposes.

Seeds of dill, boiled with boiling water, do cause frequent urination, and the swelling gradually decreases.

My mother-in-law three weeks ago underwent heart surgery, bypass surgery. Now we do not know for what reason her legs become very swollen. Today we will try your recipe. Thank you.

I, for example, pour acacia color with alcohol and thenI rub my feet, many say that if you regularly rub it, even the reticulum can disappear, and the veins are hiding. but as you know, you can suspend and not take manifestations of the disease.
But I'm lazy and if I remember that I need to rub that acacia once a week, it's good. It is necessary to take seriously for this

Simple and cheap method. Much more effective than expensive creams. But it is better to consult a doctor, and then use this method.

I also had a leg swelling problem. For some reason, too, in the summer. I did not even see my ankles! I then worked in the Moscow camp, the camp doctor could not advise me anything. One colleague advised to bandage his feet. Maybe it helped, maybe not, but everything went in 3 weeks. It did not happen again.

A somewhat strange recipe. It turns out that just wet feet three. Can you have swelling passed for another reason, but is it a coincidence?
I always put my feet in cold water, held it for a while and then lifted my legs to a chair or to a pillow, if you lie.

Garlic could well help if the swelling was associated with the weakness of the walls of the vessels. In official medicine, garlic oil refers to angioprotectors - a means that strengthens the blood vessels.

During pregnancy, I constantly have legsswollen, I wanted to stop drinking water, but it's impossible. I read somewhere about the benefits of parsley in swelling, began to make salads with a huge addition of this herb, and constantly put my feet on the pillows or bully on the wall. I would have known at that time such a method of combating edema, I would definitely try it.