How to avoid edema in the third trimester

Constant edema in the third trimester of pregnancy can lead to gestosis. This is a dangerous disease for a woman in the state. To be treated exclusively in a hospital by specialists.

Edema can be both physiological and pathological. It is necessary to monitor the state of health in order not to miss the threat of developing strong edema.

  • the first, puffiness of the lower extremities;
  • the second, the connection of the swelling of the abdomen;
  • third, edema appears on the hands and rounds the face;
  • fourth, total swelling of the body.

It is the fourth stage that is the most dangerous for pregnant women and is called gestosis, which is also divided conditionally into four degrees:

All of them should be controlled directly by doctors.

Swollen feces often begin early,on the 20-25th week. In the mornings, the legs begin to swell, they become large, heavy and unbearable. All this is combined with general fatigue and increased fatigue.

  • high blood pressure;
  • the presence of protein in the urine;
  • irregular venous outflow;
  • impaired circulation of lymph;
  • blood thickening;
  • permeability of blood vessels.

If the visible swelling is invisible, and the body weight grows quickly enough, you should make a special test: insert under the skin saline (0.25 ml), which must completely leave the skin in 45 minutes.

The residual tubercle (papule) may be a sign of latent edema.

At the first symptoms of severe swelling at the end of the period, it is necessary to stay in a hospital under the supervision of doctors.

  1. Droppers with Euphyllinum, magnesia.
  2. Peace and bed rest.
  3. Normalization of a liquid.
  4. Adoption of diuretics.