Apple vinegar from edema

Varicose veins, or both shortlythey say, varicose veins are a very broad concept, since varicose disease can develop both in the lower extremities and in the veins in any internal organ of the human body, sometimes causing serious complications. The prevalence of this disease, which is difficult to treat, is also very wide, according to the statistical data of developed countries, varicose occurs in almost 90% of women and in 65% of men.

A study in Moscow in 1999revealed that half of men and 67% of women have varicose veins in varying degrees of severity of the disease. The sad thing is that this is practically not a curable disease, the consequences of which are most often eliminated by surgery - laser or radio frequency coagulation of varicose veins, phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, which, unfortunately, do not exclude the secondary appearance of veins in another place.

However, to alleviate the symptoms of the disease andmaintenance of veins, improvement of state of health, conservative treatment is also used, for example, the use of apple cider vinegar in leg varicose. Many women and men use this remedy and feel relief, a positive action.

Most often, conservative treatment of varicose veinsthe expansion of the veins of the legs is used in conjunction with the surgical method of treatment and, of course, can not completely cure such a serious disease, but it can reduce the rate of disease progression and improve the patient's well-being.

Why does apple cider vinegar help?

Many do not understand how ordinary vinegar canhelp with a disease such as varicose veins? But, surprisingly useful composition of vinegar from apples, provided that it is natural, has medicinal properties and effectiveness, not only with varicose veins. Apple cider vinegar is a vitamin complex because it contains enough vitamin B, C, A, it contains over 20 different microelements and minerals that the human body needs: silicon, potassium, fluorine, iron, chlorine, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium. But it can only be used as an external remedy, it is not recommended to take it inside. Apple cider vinegar with varicose veins has the following therapeutic effect:

  • Apple cider vinegar strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  • Perfectly tones the skin
  • Promotes the removal of edema
  • Activates the functioning of the circulatory system of the body
  • It contains in its composition lemon, lactic, propionic acid, and a whole complex of essential amino acids and enzymes.
  • In addition, apple vinegar has proven itself as a remedy for the treatment of various skin diseases, for example, fungal diseases, treatment of various lichens.
  • It is used for various cosmetic problems - as a means to strengthen hair, to cleanse the skin, to soften and make less visible traces of stretch marks on the skin.

On beneficial properties and therapeutic effectcooked from apple juice apple cider vinegar, a lot of positive feedback. However, to be sure that you are taking or using a 100% natural product for medical purposes, it is better to make it yourself.

On the shelves of our supermarkets under the guise ofapple cider vinegar, most often sold white spirit vinegar, which is either stained with apple essence, or insist on apple peel. In the best case, if the manufacturer makes such a "natural" product from the peel and core of apples. Unambiguously, that in industrial conditions it is not made from freshly squeezed apple juice. When deciding to buy a store of apple cider vinegar, it should be clarified that the label says - it should be made according to GOST, be no more than 6% and it should be written that it is without preservatives and is a natural product.

In Russia, most food producersindustry should not be trusted, multiple control purchases, product inspections by independent experts, convince Russians that it is all possible to produce substandard products, and also to forge it under the natural one!

How to make apple cider vinegar at home, with honey, from apple juice?

Naturally, the domestic production of applevinegar business is time-consuming, complex, lengthy, it is much easier to buy it in the store. But making home-made vinegar you will create a real, 100% natural product, it will have a healing effect stronger than a dubious industrial product.

  • 1 way of cooking apple cider vinegar at home:

Apples should be finely chopped, put them in a large enamel saucepan, then pour them with hot water, but not with boiling water, while the water in the pan should be more by 4 cm.
Depending on the acid of the apples, we add sugar,in the proportion of one kilogram of apples 50-100 grams of sugar. Instead of sugar, it is better to add honey if it is not allergic and if vinegar is also used in cooking. Unlike sugar, it maintains the level of potassium in the finished apple cider vinegar.

The received mass in a current of two weeksstir 1-2 times a day. This is done to ensure that the oxygen required for fermentation arrives and the crust does not appear. After 2 weeks, filter the liquid through 2 layers of gauze and pour into several jars with a wide neck, preferably 2-3 liters. In each jar we do not top up to 6-7 cm, we also wait two more weeks. Preparing clean glass bottles, pour vinegar, also filtering, well close the lid. Store home vinegar should be at a temperature of no more than 20C in a dark place.

  • 2 way to make apple cider vinegar at home

We pass the apples through a meat grinder with a largegrate, or rub it on a large grater. Then in the following proportions, mix with honey or sugar and water: 800 grams of apple mass per 1 liter of water, 100 grams. honey or sugar. To accelerate the fermentation of apples, you can add a slice of black bread or a little bit of yeast 10 gr. The container should be kept open for 10 days, also 1-2 pills / day stirring. Further we filter and pour in bottles, wait for another 2 weeks and again filter and cork.

We rub apples on a large grater, shift it into2-3 liter cans, poured chilled boiled water, also for 1 liter of water 800 gr. apple mass. Add to the mixture - at a rate of 1 liter 100 gr. sugar or honey, 20 gr. dry rye bread or 10 gr. yeast. Keep the cans open in a sufficiently warm place 20-30C for 10 days, do not forget to stir 2-3 r / day with a wooden spoon. After the expiry of the period, the gruel should be wrung out, filtered and poured into jars with a wide throat. Again, add 50-100 gr. sugar or honey per liter of liquid. The neck of the can should be covered with gauze and stored for another 1.5-2 months in a warm place. When the vinegar is ready, it is filtered and bottled.

Ways of using apple cider vinegar

How to treat varicose veins with apple cider vinegar? Treatment should be carried out continuously for 1-2 months every day, in the morning and at bedtime. Here are the simplest and most frequently used methods:

Used pure 6% or slightly dilutedvinegar, depending on the individual sensitivity (do not dilute or dilute it with water 50/50). The soft napkin soaked in vinegar is applied to places with varicose veins, wrapped with a foil wrapping this leg area and warmed with a towel. Under the blanket should lie down for 30-40 minutes. Then the napkin is removed, such procedures can be done at night after a day.

After taking a bath or shower on painful areas, rubbing apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening, while the vinegar does not flush to the next shower and procedure.

For this procedure, you need to prepare 2 literswarm water, add 100-150 grams of apple cider vinegar. You need to pour 2 basins, put both empty basin in the bathroom and put one foot in one of them, slowly pour the affected legs. Then move the legs into another empty pelvis and pour the legs with the same solution from the full basin. So it should be repeated 5 minutes. After the procedure, do not wash or wipe your feet, let them dry naturally.

Marl or a special napkin for this proceduredampen in either pure or diluted vinegar, attach it to a painful place, wrap it with cellophane and warm it with a towel, then lie down, raise your legs 50-30 cm upwards, for this you can use cushions or armrests of the sofa, beds. In this situation, you should lie for half an hour, you can carry out the procedure every day.

It is clear that the proposed options shoulduse one, one that is more convenient and easier for you to carry out, besides any treatment should be carried out in conjunction with other procedures - treatment of varicose veins with leeches. use of compression underwear for varicose veins, etc. There are many different ways to treat varicose at home. about which you can learn in detail in our articles.

  • Can I drink apple cider vinegar?

Drink diluted apple cider vinegar insidewith varicose veins or for the purpose of losing weight, as some sources recommend on the Internet, it is very risky, because the risk of developing gastric and duodenal ulcers is very high.