Salt compresses from edema

Salt compresses (folk methods of treatment)

The benefits of ordinary table salt are well known: we rinse the throat with salt water, take baths with salt, add it to some herbal decoctions, so that they are more powerful. How else can salt be used with health benefits?

In many cases, salt compresses are excellent.

SIMPLE - FOR SKIN. Simple salt compresses are made from salt water (100 g of rock salt or sea salt per liter of water) at room temperature or body temperature. This salty water is impregnated with a cotton cloth (or a bandage folded in several layers) and applied to a sore spot. Salt compresses have a curative effect and quickly restore damaged skin after bruises, bruises, ulcers, burns and calluses.

HOT, DEEPLY HEATING COMPRESSES. A solution for such a salt compress is prepared by calculating 2 tablespoons of salt per 1 liter of boiling water. The procedure is as follows: moisten a terry towel in hot saline, attach it to the chin, neck, cheeks, elbow or knee. These compresses are used for deep warming up of parts of the body that need relaxation and makeup by trace elements by improving the capillary blood supply. You can use these compresses for cosmetic purposes. Compress, depending on the purpose, is kept from 10 minutes (cosmetic procedure) to 30-40 minutes (healing heating of the inflamed area where pain is felt).

STEAM COMPRESSES IN RHEUMATICS AND GIFT. To prepare this compress, use a bag of warm salt to 50-70 ° C. If the heat is difficult to endure, then a terry towel is put under the pouch. On that part of the body, which needs to be warmed well, wax paper is applied over the bag, making a kind of local sauna for this part of the body. Saline poultices are used to reduce pain in rheumatism, gout. In chronic diseases, when it is required to cause softening, resorption and excretion of various cures, this procedure is carried out 2 times a day.

SWIMMING AGAINST PAIN. This is a kind of warming compress, which is superimposed either on the focus of pain, or near it. The bandage is made of sterile linen or cotton cloth folded several times, or gauze folded 8 times. To sterilize the fabric at home, it is enough to dip it into a steep boiling water or iron it with a very hot iron. The ready bandage is lowered into water, pre-boiled with salt (1 part of salt for 10 parts of water), removed, cooled, shaken or slightly squeezed. Place the overlay pre-wiped with a damp cloth, so that contact with the body was better, and then apply a bandage and pribintovyvayut it.

Compresses in recipes of traditional medicine (continued)
What are the compresses (this is useful to know) We warn before using the published recipes of traditional medicine always consult a doctor! From white death to white salvation.

First. Salt in an aqueous solution is not more than 10percent - an active sorbent. She pulls all the "rubbish" out of the sick organ. But the therapeutic effect will only be if the dressing is breathable, that is, it is hygroscopic, which is determined by the quality of the material used for the dressing.

The second. The salt dressing acts locally - only ona diseased organ or a part of the body. As the liquid is absorbed from the subcutaneous layer, tissue fluid from the deeper layers rises into it, carrying away all the pathogens: microbes, viruses and organic substances. Thus, during the bandage action in the tissues of the diseased organism, the fluid is renewed, the pathogen is cleared and, as a rule, the pathological process is eliminated.

Third. The dressing with hypertonic solution of table salt acts gradually. The therapeutic result is achieved within 7-10 days, and sometimes more.

Fourth. Use of a solution of table salt requiresknown caution. For example, we do not recommend the use of a bandage with a concentration solution of more than 10 percent. In some cases, even an 8 percent solution is better. (The solution will help you prepare any pharmacist).

If the dressing with hypertonic solution is soit is effective, why this method of treatment is not widely applied? It seems that doctors are in captivity of drug treatment. Pharmaceutical firms offer ever newer and more expensive medicines as well. Unfortunately, medicine is also a business. The trouble with the hypertonic solution is that it is too simple and cheap. Meanwhile, life convinces that such bandages are a great tool in the fight against many ailments.

Children were sick with whooping cough. They coughed incessantly and painfully. they put salt bands on their backs for the night. After half an hour the cough stopped and did not appear until the morning. After four bandages, the disease disappeared without a trace.

For example, when runny nose and headaches put a circular bandage on the forehead and the back of the head for the night. An hour and a half later the runny nose passes, and by morning the headache disappears.

For any colds apply bandages at the first signs. And if you still missed the time and the infection managed to penetrate into the throat and bronchi, then make a complete bandage on the head and neck (from 3-4 layers of soft thin linen) and on the back (from 2 layers of wet and 2 layers of dry towel), usually on all night long. Cure is achieved after 4-5 procedures.

Acute attacks of cholecystitis. Within a week apply cottona towel-bandage on a sick liver. Fold it in 4 layers, wet in saline and leave for the whole night. The bandage on the liver is imposed within the boundaries: from the base of the left breast gland to the middle of the transverse line of the abdomen, and in width - from the sternum and the white line of the abdomen in front to the backbone from behind. Bandages tightly with one wide bandage, tighter - on the abdomen. After 10 hours, the bandage is removed and a hot water bottle is applied to the same area for half an hour. This is done in order to expand the bile ducts as a result of deep heating for the free passage into the intestines of a dehydrated and clotted bile mass. A hot water bottle is required in this case.

If you want to believe it, you do not want it, but a 4-layer salt bandage made of cotton towel, superimposed on both mammary glands for 8-9 hours at night, helped the woman get rid of two weeks of breast cancer.

A few words about the technology of salt dressings. Saline can only be used inbandage, but in any case not in the compress. The concentration of salt in the solution should not exceed 10 percent, but not fall below 8. A dressing with a solution of higher concentration may lead to the destruction of capillaries in tissues in the area of ​​application. It is very important to choose the material for the bandage. It must be hygroscopic. That is, it is easy to get wet without any residues of fat, ointments, alcohol, iodine. They are inadmissible on the skin on which the bandage is applied. It is best to use linen and cotton cloth (towel), many times in use and more than once washed. In the end, you can use gauze. The latter is composed of 8 layers. Any other of these materials - in 4 layers. When applying the dressing, the solution should be hot enough. Squeeze the bandage material medium, so that it is not very dry and not very wet. Do not apply anything to the bandage. Pribintovat her bandage or attach a band-aid - and that's it.

With various pulmonary processes (excluded with bleeding from the lungs) bandageit is better to impose on the back, but you need to know the exact location of the process. Bandage the chest is tight enough, but do not squeeze the breath. The belly is to be bandaged as tight as possible, for during the night it is released, the bandage becomes free and ceases to function. In the morning, after removing the bandage, the material should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water. That the bandage is better adjoined to a back, on wet its layers put between the shoulder blades a platen on a backbone and bandage it together with a bandage. That, in fact, and everything that I would likeshare with readers. If you have problems and you could not resolve them in medical institutions, try using salt bandages. This method is not some kind of sensation. He was simply well forgotten.

Author: Gorbacheva Anna Danilovna

Every grain is in the business

There are more than 14 thousand ways of using salt, and some of them
are still used.

</ STRONG> - Cooking eggs in salt water leads to the fact that they, even
bursting, will not flow out and will subsequently be easily cleaned.

- Check the egg for freshness by throwing it into a cup with
salted water. Fresh drown, dubious - will remain floating.

- Freshly peeled apples, pears and potatoes, laid
in cold salted water, retain their color.

- Tea and coffee coating from the cups are removed with a damp sponge and salt.

- Glassware becomes transparent and shiny if
wash it in warm salt water and rinse it in an ordinary cold.

- Salt water is well washed and a tarnished mirror.

- Salt is easy to clean the bottom of a burnt pan or frying pan
- you just need to pour a thick layer on the bottom, moisten it with water, leave it on
night, and boil in the morning.

- Salt and soda will clean the refrigerator and remove the smell from it.

- A pinch of salt added to coffee will improve its taste and remove it
excessive bitterness.

- Add a pinch of salt to the milk, and it will stay fresh for longer.

- Fresh traces of sweat on clothes are removed with a solution of cooked
salt (1 tablespoon per glass of water).

- The hot water bottle will be hot longer if a little salt is added to the water.

- There is a wonderful folk remedy: in the case
poisoning to drink vodka with salt. If vodka is unacceptable for you,
drink a few glasses of well salt water, and then try
"give" everything back.

- A little vodka with salt is useful for a cold.

- If the pressure drops, quickly drink a glass of fairly salty water.

- If you urgently need to raise the general tone of the body,
put a pinch of salt under the tongue and slowly dissolve it - then
swallow in one gulp. This method can be applied only to those who do not
salt is contraindicated.

- Salt, as the academician B.V. Bolotov, can
rejuvenate our body. It offers an effective way to increase
secretion of gastric juices. After 5-30 minutes after eating, put on
the tip of the tongue is 1-2 grams of table salt or sea salt. After
salt dissolve, swallow salt saliva. Such a small amount
salt will not have harmful effects, but will cause an additional
ejection of gastric juices.

- Salt - a unique, unparalleled antiseptic
means. For the treatment of the wounded during the Great Patriotic War
Surgeon II. Shcheglov used napkins moistened in a saturated
solution of salt. After 3-4 days, extensive and dirty wounds were cleaned,
became pure and pink.

- Granuloma on the tooth is treated with salt tampons for two weeks.

- With a toothache, rinse your mouth with salt water. After each
eating and before bedtime.

- With pneumonia and a strong cough on the back in the area
a hot bandage is applied.

- Adenoma and mastopathy are treated with the help of folded in 4 layers
a cotton towel soaked in a salt solution. He is kept on
problem area at night. The course of treatment is two weeks.

- Salt helps with acne and boils. Kashi from
salt to put on a pimple, to fix a plaster and to hold about an hour.
Repeat the procedure in a few hours.

- With bruises on the sore spot apply compresses of salt
with vinegar. They are useful for headaches.

- With scrofula and rickets, children 2-3 times a week bathe in
bath: 400 grams of salt on a bucket of water.

- With varicose veins, apply gauze with hydrochloric acid
gruel on the problem vein and pribintovat elastic bandage. If
do it regularly, in the morning and in the evening, the veins will gradually come back to normal.

- With a fungal disease, the legs are kept for 5-10 minutes in solution
from 2 tablespoons of salt to 0.5 liters of warm water. Can be salted
add the crushed garlic to the bath. Repeat until full

- When a bee or a wasp stings is applied to a stung spot
A moistened pinch of salt soothes pain and reduces swelling.

- Extremely strengthens hair and prevents hair loss
massage the scalp with large rock salt.

You are fresh, cheerful, well-groomed

- Do you want the body to be soft and gentle, without pimples and
unevennesses? Before taking a bath, it's easy to melt dry stone
salt, remember it in your hands, so that the palms turn pink,
feet on the shower of salt. In addition to purely cosmetic, you get and
excellent therapeutic effect: salt ions, penetrating the skin, will
stimulating effect on the whole organism.

- Salt massage helps with low blood pressure,
chronic digestive disorders, diabetes, frequent
colds. There are, however, contraindications - skin lesions, rashes,
open wounds, eczema.

- After a hard day, lower your tired feet into warm water with
cooking salt, and you will immediately feel better.

You are so harmful and so necessary!

"Salt is a white death," popular magazines tell us.
troubles to the kidneys, gallstones, bladder, heart and arteries. "
However, how many millennia people used salt, how much effort
they used to get a white death. It turns out, without it you can not?

No way. Because our veins flow its solution. And the body itself
human contains about 120 grams of salt. If it is much less,
muscles do not contract, blood does not circulate, food is not digested,
the heart does not beat. However, scientists still can not come to
agree what amount of salt in the body is considered too low,
which is too high.

Recommended medical standards for salt intake range from 3.5 to
8 grams a day. But the actual consumption of salt on average exceeds
recommended rates are 1.5-2 times. Meanwhile, the excess of the average in
twice already harms health, and in three - can lead to increase
pressure, deposition of salts.

Patients with such diseases are recommended to have salt-free diets. But
namely sick. Meanwhile, fans of a healthy lifestyle often
for the prevention of completely abandon the consumption of salt. On
In fact, not only the excess, but also the lack of salt causes
irreparable harm to health.

Salt is a necessary building material for the human body.
Each of our cells is a microscopic ion power plant, and its
The work depends on many things, including the presence of salts.
Salt deficiency can lead to cell depletion, which is fraught with edema
limbs and internal organs, weakening of blood pressure.
The processes of thinking are slowing down, the motor activity is declining
gastrointestinal tract and bile ducts. Salt supports in
human body hydromineral equilibrium, regulates
pressure and volume of blood, promotes digestive functions.

Do not abuse salt, but do not give it up altogether.
Listen to your body, study its reactions, and everything will be
fine, tasty and useful. And unsalted salad, and a piece of smoked
herrings, and a fresh crust of rye bread, generously sprinkled with salt.